The war in Ukraine increases sales of electric cars in Auch

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Skyrocketing fuel prices at the pump had an immediate impact in Gers, where the motorist is an unconditional supporter of diesel. As a result, demand for electric cars is sky high at Auscitain dealerships.

Since February, the car dealerships in Auch have received customers who all have the same question: “When will my new electric car arrive?” The sudden explosion in gas station prices has further accentuated an already sensitive curve, the rise in sales of electric cars. Gersois is nonetheless a diesel aficionado, rightly or wrongly. But seeing the liter cross the €2 mark made more than one believe…

At Renault, a major seller of electric cars, one of the sales representatives, Bastien, hears the same thing every time he visits. “Many used to drive diesel, and hear that these engines will eventually be banned. So they come and ask to drive electric.” No environmental considerations behind this choice: “They feel that fuel prices are constantly rising, and electricity for them is first and foremost a saving factor! And even more so for those who drive on diesel.” And the marker, Bastien, doesn’t have to look far. “The war in Ukraine. As soon as fuel prices went up, we could observe the phenomenon.”

Order inflation

The table is the same at most retailers. Russian-Ukrainian conflict, diesel, inflation, the triptych is everywhere. At Fiat, “we hardly sell more than these vehicles”. Prizes, assistance, brand marketing operations encourage as much as the increase in prices at the pump. “People feel that the state is pushing to make them go electric,” analyzes Serge, one of the brand’s sales representatives. “Last month we almost doubled the number of electric car purchases, confides Samuel, at Dacia Auch. For many, it is a question of reducing the costs of the 2nd car. These are budget calculations that we let us help you make.” A special case, Mercedes, which sees demand grow without shaking the traditional market. “Questions are more frequent, especially about autonomy, and this in all areas. However, our customers still stay in combustion engines in general. On the other hand, they switch to gasoline. But anything we can get electric manufacturers, we take it! But for us are these still micro markets.”


Gers drivers will save money, and immediately. “When people arrive, they want all the state’s ecological bonuses and discounts without always knowing that it fulfills a lot of conditions, notes Jérôme, at Hyundai Auch. The increase in fuel with the war in Ukraine comes into play, and especially for the mid-range. ” Gersois keeps a large vehicle for moving without restrictions, and the 2nd car for short trips. “This use does not pose a problem for them to recharge. 90% of active people in Gers drive less than 100 km per day, which is much less than the autonomy of current batteries.” Only problem: Gersois will have to wait. All manufacturers have experienced an extension of delivery times. It now takes almost 6 to 8 months to receive your car, depending on the model.

Electric car: something of an education

You don’t drive an electric car like a thermal car. “We are used to driving without energy restrictions in a thermal vehicle, notes Jérôme Bensot, sales representative at Hyundai Auch. But in Gers there are terminals everywhere. Between them, sometimes free of shopping centers, those of companies and those of individuals, we have no need to limit ourselves. That’s why secondary cars are in high demand for everyday use. “The mindset changes for ‘long haul.’ All you have to do is anticipate and consider your journey differently. “For example, if you want to go from Auch to Biarritz, it’s better to stop a few kilometers away and charge in advance without stress! On the coast it will be more complicated…” Also expect while driving. Turning on the air conditioning, opening the windows, pushing the speed, is to risk seeing the car’s range drop rapidly. “It’s an education in more ecological driving. But people who have made the decision to drive electric on long trips are not surprised, the seller insists. And the batteries allow you to drive between 300 or even 500 miles.”

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