The “conscious business” at the heart of the business of the future?

The past decade has seen major upheavals in the modern business world. There have been the GAFAs and their open-plan offices with hammocks and all-you-can-eat chocolate bars, start-ups and foosballs in the middle of the open space, and in recent years new trends that always aim to blur the work/private life boundary . Coworking, chief happiness officers, as well as closing meetings, fixed hours and split offices for hierarchical superiors. Among other.

In 2015, Pierre Moniz-Barreto continued with his book Slow business slow down work and end toxic time. Is business slowing down? Not at all, as the author then explained The Express : ” It is rather a question of reinventing the concept of time management in the workplace and of creating a better balance between work life and private life. […] It is a system where employees are allowed to take full control over their working hours, […] they are no longer assessed on attendance, but solely on results. »

A philosophy imported from the United States, which the American-Argentine economist Fred Kofman had theorized two years earlier in Conscious business: How to build value through values.

The idea of ​​a more “people-centered” company has gained traction since the beginning of the decade. DR

Conscious Business has also been Peter Matthies’ mantra since 2005. He incorporated the term into the name of his institute. According to him, the latter includes all the above principles. And he goes around the world to deliver his message to businessmen willing to listen. The good life met him before his visit, from September 22 to 24, at the Mandali Retreat Center (Italy). The German businessman/guru will give a talk there as part of the Conscious Leadership Series.

Mandali Retreat Center, Via Belvedere, 2, Quarna Sopra, Tel.  +39 0323 826439,

Mandali Retreat Center, Via Belvedere, 2, Quarna Sopra, Tel. +39 0323 826439, DR

5 questions for Peter Matthies, founder of the Conscious Business Institute:

The good life: What is the background of the former Peter Matthies?
Peter Matthies:
I was an engineer, then I joined a large consulting firm before starting my own company specializing in creating software. I then became a partner in an investment firm. I have always been very successful in my business, but under the surface I have always wondered how I could work better? Live better? In 2003, I dropped everything to create the Conscious Business Institute two years later. We have created new ways of approaching management and business, which we learn today at large companies such as the BMW Group, Intel, Starbucks or Siemens.

The good life: How do you define conscious business?
Peter Matthies:
The main difference with traditional business is that people, often decision makers, are aware of and responsible for their ideas, their behavior, their actions and their influence on their colleagues or customers. A boss who does not take this into account easily creates conflict, resistance, a break with his collaborators. And more often than not, when the company is experiencing good growth, these problems are in his blind spot, the situation worsens without him noticing.

Peter Matthies.

Peter Matthies. DR

TGL: Is that the advice you give to participants in the Conscious Leadership Series?
We do not recommend them. Instead, we offer them a place where they can explore a completely different level of consciousness. We help them answer the deepest questions about their true goals, which is to create a fully fulfilling environment, both at work and in personal life.

Concerned millennials

TGL: Can you see a trend emerging around your concept?
Many businessmen and businesswomen are not there yet. I just spoke to employees of a company in the financial industry who think they are happy to just chase the money. Despite everything, I see more and more workers striving to change their lifestyle. Furthermore, 80% of millennials want to work for a company that has more important goals than just growth, and they represent the future of business…

TGL: Exactly how do you see the future of management?
Large companies are increasingly looking for managers with different mindsets. I believe that we will soon see big changes in the way of managing a team or a company. Unfortunately, managers often talk about agility, flexibility, leadership service… But they forget that it is not things we do, but many things we are. We don’t have to “do” agile management, we have to be agile. The future manager must propose goals that go beyond himself or his company. Be genuinely interested in your colleagues. Stay authentic to gain their trust. And have the courage to remain “aware” even in the most dangerous situations.

In France

If France is not currently scheduled to host a phase of the Conscious Leadership Series, some ambassadors from the Conscious Business Institute live and work in France. In addition, Peter Matthies and his teams will launch on September 24 an online and “live” training program with the mentioned ambassadors. → www.cbi.trêning

Good place: Mandali Retreat Center

Mandali Retreat Center, Via Belvedere, 2, Quarna Sopra, Tel.  +39 0323 826439,

Mandali Retreat Center opened its doors in 2017 and allows its visitors to take a deep breath and relax. The goal is personal transformation through meditation, yoga, silence and good food. The hotel has 35 rooms and a spa, very close to Lago d’Orta and the village of Quarna Sopra in Piedmont. The retreats are personal and attract more and more businessmen whose heads are full of questions who come to find peace… and of course answers. →

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