The 4 essential bases for a profitable online business!

Do you want to start building your profitable online business with the right foundation from the start? Before you start, there are different types of online business: e-commerce, infopreneur, etc. In this article, in order to have a profitable online business, there will therefore be general advice that will be applicable in all types of online business! Let’s get to the heart of the matter: what are the basics of a good online business?

#1: Know what you really want to do

If you just jump in and do a little bit of everything in your field and hope for results, you’re wrong! To have a profitable business, you need to know your target and know how to meet their needs.

In order to maximize your conversion rate, you will actually need to address your traffic, audience, etc. in the most optimal way. And for that you will need to know what your goal is to finally have a profitable online business. We don’t cater to 20 year olds like 60 year old women!

Knowing your target will also allow you to better “capture” contact emails that are the lifeblood of your business.

Yes, by knowing your target exactly, you will know which free gift is most likely to get them to give you their email address. But you will also know the most striking terms to convert much more and therefore have a much larger list of emails, all this just by knowing your target. As a result, this will really allow you to have a profitable online business.

#2: Work on your SEO!

I imagine that you have a blog as an infopreneur and therefore have the opportunity to publish articles, or that you have an online shop if you are an e-trader (this makes good sense).

But to have customers, or even just leads, you don’t need to be invisible on Google search results (a profitable online business is one that has good SEO).

  • If you are an infopreneur, I strongly recommend you to write articles very regularly (2-3 per week, or even 1 per day if you are a beginner to maximize your results). Not only will you “say” to Google robots: “Hello, I’m here! I exist and I’m active! » but in addition, it will speed up your natural referencing, and therefore you will obtain leads much faster through your website. Your articles must be placed on a recurring keyword or term in your domain, for this I strongly advise you to use Evernote software which will allow you to write down all your story ideas depending on the keywords that you want to place your business on online!
  • If you are an e-merchant, the strategy is the same, except you don’t really write blog posts, but more product descriptions. You have the choice of paying companies for your referral or referencing the name of your products by using the right keywords multiple times. Of course, if you’re just starting out, you won’t find yourself at the top of the first page of Google right away.

#3: Get out of your bubble!

You need to reach out to others to expand your contact area. Whether it’s for partnerships, to make your store better known, your products online, etc. be a “sneeze”.

  • If you are an infopreneur, and in search of visibility, you have more opportunities to get out of your bubble and have a profitable online business. In fact, instead of publishing only on your blogs, you have social networks, forums with the same themes as you, sites on the same domain where you can publish as a guest, but also a YouTube channel, which is a great traffic provider, free of charge . The only investment is an investment of time on your part.

By the way, click here to really know more about the importance of YouTube in your profitable online business.

  • If you are an e-merchant, social networks (especially Facebook) become your daily tools to make your products known beyond your store.

#4: Monetize your business properly

Of course, to make your business profitable, you need to make money on a recurring basis with it. For this, I strongly advise you to have multiple product lines (expensive, very expensive and not expensive at all, even subscription products).

  • If you are an infopreneur, you can offer a free first product to attract leads (the classic PDF guide does the trick). Then an entry-level product (usually always under 10 euros) as well as a normal price product, e.g. 97 euros, 197 euros, so expensive products for e.g. 697 euros. And very expensive at 997 euros and more. Also think about advice/coaching paid either per hour or after the results (by taking a certain percentage);
  • If you are an e-trader, it is also very important to vary the prices of your products (except for certain businesses, for example the sale of grands crus, which remain at very very expensive prices). It is advisable to sell products in different price ranges. A product for 10 euros there and another product for 60 euros. But of course it also depends on what you sell.

Now that you have all the cards in your hand, it’s up to you!

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