I tried to survive without Amazon Prime: my verdict

News hardware I tried to survive without Amazon Prime: my verdict

The recent price increase at Amazon Prime has changed my approach to the service significantly. At a time when the cost of living continues to rise, is it still appropriate to maintain this service at this price? So I canceled my subscription to see if I could survive without it.

Amazon surprised everyone by announcing on July 26 a steep increase in the price of its subscription, which had been unchanged for years. This announcement may push many users to review their commitment at a time when different and varied subscriptions are growing in homes. In fact, that’s a massive 43% increase. : the American giant is thus increasing its offer from €49 to €69 per year from September 15, 2022. So I decided to take the plunge and unsubscribe.

My habits with Amazon Prime

A customer from the start, I was seduced by the services from the startAmazon Prime. At the time, they were much less varied than they are today with the biggest advantage: free shipping and delivery within 24 hours. A true aficionado of high-tech products, this offer suited me perfectly.

Another interesting offer, Prime Days, which take place every year, also allow significant reductions because they are 2 days of promotions reserved for Amazon Prime members.

Subsequently, Amazon added many series and movies to its Prime Video SVOD service. This made me want to stay a Prime subscriber even more since the price remained the same. In France, Prime Video does not require any additional subscription: the Amazon Prime subscription for €49 per year gives access to this Netflix competitor and to the many series and films on offer, some of which are exclusive.

Without further ado, free and fast shipping, access to Prime Day and Prime Video allowed me to be in heaven. But now, over the years, the Amazon bouquet has been expanded with more and more services that make it all more complete, but also more complex. Certainly very interesting, but somehow too rich. Services were added to the original offer without my knowledge. Some of them were useless to me anyway like Deliveroo Plus. Deliveroo is not present in my sector: therefore I could not take advantage of the “Plus” version of these home meal deliveries.

I tried to survive without Amazon Prime: my verdict

Since launching on October 15, 2019, Amazon Prime has continued to grow : new series, new movies, concerts or shows, sports with Ligue 1 (but there you have to pay a supplement) or even tennis with the broadcast of Roland Garros, Amazon Music Prime and its 2 million titles included in the basic subscription, Prime Reading for owners of a Kindle reader with more than a million titles in e-book format and, more anecdotally, Amazon Gaming, which allows you to get games and other DLC on PC every month. In short, a series of services that will accelerate Amazon Prime to a huge price increase.

In fact, the costs incurred by the American giant in these recent acquisitions are simply too high and the price increase was inevitable.

Thus, the monthly rate for Prime will go from 5.99 euros to 6.99 euros and the annual subscription changes from 49 euros to 69.90 euros. This is an increase equivalent to an increase of 42.65%. Far from being a straw, this elevation knocked me out

In a panic, I deleted my Amazon Prime subscription and it was easy…

Like many, the price literally knocked me out and in a panic I immediately started canceling my subscription even though it meant I would have to re-subscribe later. With Amazon Prime, there is no loyalty system that gives an advantage to previous customers. After all, we can already see how it looks without; just to take stock of my far too many subscriptions.

Unsubscribing from Amazon Prime is easynothing is there to hold you back and the operation only requires a few clicks.

Before you cancel, and if you’re on an annual plan, you may still be on the old course for some time to come. Depending on the date of the contract, you may actually still benefit from a few extra months at the old rate. Because the new price will apply to the renewal of the subscription, i.e. from September 15, 2022. If the renewal of your annual subscription takes place in July or August, then you will benefit from the price of 49 euros for an additional year. This was not my case, like many I had chosen the monthly subscription.

Two days later I’m already missing Prime Video and Prime delivery

As soon as my subscription was terminated, I already felt the benefits that such a service could offer. I had a few orders to place on the site and I suffered the first setback: the return of the shipping costs. For all orders under €30, shipping costs are paid. It is when the service is withdrawn that we realize its value. If you’re like me and order regularly on the Amazon site, it only takes a few orders a month to justify such a subscription.

I tried to survive without Amazon Prime: my verdict

And I’m only talking about the free shipping privileges. Not to mention what I will miss on Amazon Prime Video with the flagship series The Boys or even The Lord of the Rings from September 2. When we compare it all with other streaming services like Netflix, HBO, MyCanal, we realize that Amazon Prime is really not expensive because it includes a gigantic selection of services, even with its new price.

If you combine competing services similar to what Amazon Prime offers, for example Netflix for movies and series, unlimited Cdiscount for shipping costs, the price far exceeds Amazon’s offer. And that does not include the entire panel offered. Like Amazon Gaming, Amazon Reading, etc.

Am I ready to pay €69 a year to get back to Amazon Prime?

With the multiplication of VOD services and with the aim of reducing costs, it seemed logical to stop the Amazon Prime subscription. Over time, more or less useful subscriptions actually accumulate, and the bill can add up quickly. It was therefore time to try to do without it.

But after a few days I realized it Leaving Amazon Prime was a mistake. Amazon has been able to combine different services in its offer, thus forming an almost indispensable base with its free shipping costs or even its series and movies, some of which risk becoming cult like The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which is about to be released and which already is the largest budget allocated to the production of a series.

In short, I won’t be without a subscription any longer Amazon Prime because if it was necessary to keep only one subscription, and in light of its quality-price ratio, for me it would be this.

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