Do I need to take out additional car insurance?

Are you going on holiday and need to rent a car? In this case, is your usual car insurance sufficient? Is it better to take an additional option or should you bet on your bank card?

Is insurance included in the car rental?

The car must be insured by the landlord because car insurance is compulsory in France. On your side you must be minimum coverage for third to compensate material and bodily damage caused to others. This is called civil liability. This is usually included in the lease.

So to avoid paying very (very) dearly in the event of material or bodily injury, we offer you options: breakdown assistance in the event of an accident, driver guarantee which protects the person driving the car in the event of a traffic accident, even when their liability is engaged or deductible in case of a large amount to be paid after coverage.

For a city car, it takes between 15 and 30 euros per rental day for optimal coverage, according to the specialist site Serenitrip. Without surprise, the greater the range the vehicle has, the higher the price.

Am I obliged to take out the rental company’s insurance?

None. You can also ask your usual insurance company if you drive a car all year round. This can provide you with an offer based on your driver profile. But insurance companies like Serenitrip offer short car insurance contracts from 5 euros a day and guaranteed without unpleasant surprises in the event of an injury.

Does my credit card cover me when I rent a car?

High-end cards are often seen as a holy grail at holiday time. Visa Premier, Mastercard Gold or American Express are known to cover the loss of a suitcase when traveling by plane, but are they useful in the case of car hire? These cards offer excess buyback, which is very useful because the amounts can be increased according to the rented vehicle and the profile of the renter (3 years license or minimum 25 years required), but also in case of damage or theft.

Above all, find out to avoid taking out the same guarantee twice.

How to find it abroad?

When renting your car abroad, you will also be offered options. These are technically identical to those found in France, but they are worded in English to make them easier to understand abroad. The most common are these:

  • CDW option for Collision Damage Waiver makes it possible to lower the level of deductible, i.e. it corresponds to the buyback of the deductible
  • The PT option for Theft Protection limits the driver’s liability in the event of theft or damage to the vehicle;
  • The IAP option for personal accident insurance protects people in the vehicle against bodily injury.

In this regard, the European Consumer Center urges customers to be careful when renting a car, especially through a broker. In fact, 55% of those checked by the European Commission lack transparency about the rental conditions, about the total price to be paid, about the damage covered by the insurance, about the additional costs (mileage, young driver, etc.) or again about who, lessor or intermediary, is contacted in the event of a problem.

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What are the most common exceptions?

Insurance company and rental company websites mainly quote theft or loss of keysclaims read Drunk driving, taking medication, drugs, damage that occurs when the vehicle should have already been returned; false papers or false personal information or attempted suicide as the usual exclusions for optimal coverage.

Which insurance agreement for a car rental between individuals?

Passing by a peer-to-peer car rental platformyou will be offered a basic third party insurance, as with a professional rental company. Warranties are also offered as an option.

For private rental without going through an intermediary, the landlord-owner must contact his insurance company. The signed auto contract must allow use of the vehicle for commercial purposes and driving by a non-family member.

The tenant must present an insurance certificate for the owner’s insurance to guarantee coverage in the event of damage.

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