Business centers for top executives are skyrocketing

If in recent years coworking spaces have conquered many managers and entrepreneurs, business centers are being reorganized by activity segment.

Un The Venezuelan entrepreneur, Félix Arroyo, launched a few years ago in Madrid, a business center for top managers in the capital’s best neighborhoods. Large rooms, attractive furniture, 5-star services, but also belonging to a real club, as the clients organize cocktail parties with their VIPs every week…

How is the business center sector doing?

Lthe business center sector is booming and there is still a long way to go. The most popular companies on the stock market at the moment are the large global operators of business centers and coworking centers, such as WeWork and Regus, and it is common to see their CEOs interviewed on the Bloomberg Channel or featured in major forums. economic, such as like Davos.

Several factors have contributed to the spread of this sector, such as the rise of entrepreneurship. Developments in the labor market and the opportunities offered by new technologies have encouraged a large number of people to start a business. Business centers offer many advantages, above all because they allow customers to focus on the heart of their business and optimize their time.

On the other hand, the proliferation of jobs per project great mobility of talent across the entire planet. Many highly qualified profiles, especially in the STEM field, can be applied for a job lasting several months in Tokyo, then in Ohio and finally in Caracas, for example. This new way of working requires flexible and efficient premises, which business centers offer.

Likewise, the MICE sector is doing particularly well. It is expected to become increasingly important over time, making business centers an important strategic resource for professionals to formulate an agenda in each of the cities they visit.

Finally, and more importantly with regard to Spain, the multinational companies that establish themselves there do not choose traditional leasing, preferring to establish their offices in business centers.

What are the advantages for an entrepreneur of settling in a business center?

There are many, no doubt. Starting a business requires a large outlay at the start if you want to acquire or rent your own premises, in addition to administrative procedures, licenses, leases with various suppliers… Since you are part of a business center, all this is supported by the latter . You just need to choose a space and start working.

The gentrification processes in the centers of the big cities have made the square meter much more expensive, but thanks to the business centers, an SME can afford to have an office, for example in Calle Serrano or Puerta de Alcalá, two of our locations. This contributes to the revitalization and diversification of activities, which is very positive, both on a micro and macro level.

Another major attraction is the maximum flexibility in time and space. It is possible to rent a meeting room for a few hours, or an office for days or even years… In addition, if GSG has several locations, the customer can choose the center he wants to use for a meeting with a specific client or partner , even if your office is in another centre. And for even more flexibility, the customer can choose the normal procedure or hire a virtual office service.

For each of the options (which can be consulted on the website), GSG also offers a wide range of additional services, ranging from organizing an event to financial or tax advice.

For GSG, one of the most fundamental criteria, one that represents our vision and our culture, is the creation of a community. In a globalized world, it is fundamental to be part of an ecosystem, to create one’s own history that develops a sense of belonging to a group. At GSG Business Hub, we say “together we make history”, and this is something we believe deeply. Finally, as Yuval Noah Harari says in his book “Sapians”, our ability to tell stories and create myths is what made the collaboration possible. And through this collaboration we triumph as a species.

What sets GSG apart from other business centers?

GSG are premium business centers. Our model is aimed at a group of professionals who need a representative image and belong to an exclusive community. We defend three fundamental pillars.

The first column is it of the premises we offer. The buildings in which the centers are located, which are still architectural gems of the time, almost all date from the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. In an age characterized by “liquid modernity” in Bauman’s words, we seek the solidity and prestige of what has lasted over time, a guarantee of a stable projection towards the future. In addition, the location of these impressive buildings is emblematic of the city and very close to the centers of political and financial decision-making: the Senate, the Congress, the Madrid Stock Exchange, the City Council, the main embassies, the Constitutional Court…

The second pillar of GSG is its strong commitment to interior design and technology. In our centers, everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, combining traditional architectural and ornamental elements with avant-garde design. Art is an integral part of our premises, with the presence of original works by current and contemporary artists.

All this, of course, with the support of the most advanced technology available. Our facilities are equipped with the latest advances in telephony, audiovisual equipment and connectivity to enable clients to take advantage of all business opportunities. Our premises and offices (fully furnished) include a wide range of work tools such as fiber optic internet access, virtual secretarial services or video conferencing equipment.

The third pillar is the “GSG community” that I mentioned earlier. This community is fundamentally structured around a series of exclusive events with speakers and knowledgeable experts in each of the topics covered, from ambassadors to CEOs, who are invited to exclusive meetings with a maximum capacity of 30 people. . The fact that our clients have access to these events allows them to interact with stakeholders and improve their business and results. We can call this approach “selective networking”. The GSG centers therefore have a 5-star certification, which guarantees a transparent, efficient and excellent service, supported by regular audits.

What are the profiles of GSG business center customers?

We strongly support service companies, especially professionals, who seek an image, prestige and strategic positioning, but also foreign companies who want to invest in Spain and need to establish themselves in a place of representation. Above all, we attract and retain the financial, technological, legal services sector… Thanks to our exclusive services, our community and exceptional websites, we provide a status and a representativeness that no one can offer today in Madrid. And I will continue to emphasize the importance of a sense of “community and belonging” whereby a GSG customer is also a member of a club that exponentially improves their business opportunities. This “lobby” spirit is part of our corporate culture and constitutes a very valuable and distinctive intangible element.

Does innovation and digitization have an impact on your business center?

Undoubtedly. For our customers to develop smart and efficient work, we need to equip our business with the benefits of innovation. An example of innovation, that of an “L” shaped screen in our center in Serrano, the only technology in Spain. Another example is the smartphone application that we developed with the aim of keeping all our customers connected. From the menu it is possible to access the “Hub” (from which the customer can access, wherever he is and can manage his reservations and other GSG services), “Club” (where we broadcast our events) and “Social” ( which has a chat, a social network, etc.)

What are the secrets behind GSG’s success?

The attention to customers of the importance attached to them makes them feel part of a community, and together we build a story.

The hyper-connectivity of today’s society is reflected in the business world of business centers because they provide the courage to connect, create a constellation, an ecosystem that projects a collective and collaborative intelligence, and this translates into innovation and growth. This is why GSG is a unique model in the sector, combining the essence of a business center with the essence of a private club.

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