the best apps for a successful business plan

Boring and too formal, unsuitable for the business world and the responsiveness of the markets, the business plan has received much criticism. However, it is the main support for the establishment of a project and the essential tool for dialogue with the financiers. Focus on 5 new web apps that offer you intuitive and fast tools to create a business plan… without the mistakes of a business plan!

FISY to establish your financial forecasts as in Excel

FISY does not offer you to assemble your entire business plan, but only the part of the financial forecasts and the financial model (yet!). The tool is Excel-based; it is free and quite easy to use. All you have to do is quantify the concrete elements of your project in order for the forecast tables to be created. With a few clicks, you simulate different scenarios and choose the most profitable financial model, without having to go through many round trips with your accountant to complete your tables. The tool is ultimately a significant time and money saver in the business creation phase. Note that FISY offers two versions: “Fisy Essentiel” is the simplified model and “Fisy Innovation” is the model adapted to innovative projects or those that require a more advanced financial approach.
Fizy is a downloadable tool.

My Business to address aspects specific to your business sector

My Business offers you pre-formatted business plan templates according to the activity sector you are targeting. The functionality is brilliant, as some trades require addressing specifics that others don’t (especially financial, for example, regarding forecasting in terms of procurement and inventory management). The tool therefore allows you to set up your project, step by step, from the presentation of the concept to the financial forecasts, in a way that is relatively personal to your limitations. The encrypted component is interesting and quite easy to handle. My business also includes a task manager and it is collaborative. Your employees can add their items wherever they are and in real time.
My business is available online for a subscription of 3.25 euros per month for 5 versions of your business plan. A free program allows you to test a single business plan model and then export it (in PDF only).

IzyPitch to get an ultra professional business plan in just one hour

The startup IzyPitch announces that it can “frees entrepreneurs from the drudgery of the business plan”. Their tool is actually fast and easy to use. You fill out a form interactive (about an hour if you have all your elements) to obtain a financial forecast over 3 to 7 years in PDF format, ultra complete (about thirty pages) integrate diagrams and strategic summary tables of your business model (middle management balances, cash flow, etc.). A “definition” section helps you understand and assimilate this financial data. Finally, you can change your prerequisites for one year from your registration.
The icing on the cake: IzyPitch is not limited to financial data. It also gives you the presentation of your project, including the description of the founding team, the market research (competition, SWOT matrix) and your commercial strategy.
Count 39 euros excluding tax for the presentation file and 89 euros excluding tax for the financial file.

LivePlan to build your business plan from A to Z

LivePlan is a world reference in terms of business plan. Graphics, data analysis, computer graphics… The tool does everything to help you put together a hyper-professional and visually attractive business plan. It integrates real-time financial data management tools. Thus, you generate a forecast and change it as you see fit. You can even get a financial evaluation of your business model and an “infographic” type presentation of the project for your summary (the summary introduction to your business plan; hook for funders).
LivePlan is available online for a subscription of $11.66 per month (SMB version). Its English-speaking interface does not pose a problem if you have a minimum of English, because the tool is intuitive and easy to use.

Brice Cornet’s book to refine your strategy

There is the form, the speed in the construction of the financial tables, the presentation of the project… But there is also the substance. A business plan can be formalized in any way you want, if your strategy and your financial model do not hold water, your project has little chance of becoming a reality.
To make the right decisions at each stage of the creation of your business, do not hesitate to devour the work of Brice Cornet (Éyrolles Editions) entitled “Create your startup without financial means and raise 1,000,000 euros ». It primarily deals with the problems of startups, but ultimately concerns all companies. The author, Brice Cornet, is the founder and director of the startup “Simple CRM” (customer relationship software). He reveals his failures, his realizations, his stages of creation and development, and he answers many questions necessary to set up a business plan: which method and which stages to start a fundraising campaign, how to prepare a fundraiser, at what moment…
What you need to refine your commercial strategy and your financing policy for a business plan at the top!

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