Laval: Little by little, Espace Saint-Julien is coming to life

Antoine Soubrier, Head of Communications, Benoit Gruau, President of the Saint-Julien Endowment Foundation, and Marie-Aude de Boisriou, Director of Logis, at the reception of the senior housing. (©CDLM)

Excavators and many craftsmen continue to roam the alleys and corridors of the Espace Saint-Julien, Laval (Mayenne). But for several weeks now, they have been with the first residents of the Le Logis home for the elderly. The intergenerational space is thus slowly starting to come to life.

“It will be warm”

“This is an opening that we have been waiting for for six years”, rejoices Benoît Gruau, chairman of the Saint-Julien Endowment Fund, who clarifies: “The after-school reception La Cabane, the micro-nursery Le Nid, the solidarity café La Cale and the student residence La Coloc are opening in September. ” The boarding school, which was supposed to be the first center to come to life, will ultimately be the last. It will still be necessary to wait at least a year for the residents of the current Notre-Dame de Pontmain boarding school to put their bags there. “It’s a question of funding”, clarifies Benoît Gruau.

To date, eight Logis apartments have been occupied. Two more residents arrive in August, seven in September and 22 in early October. In total, the building contains 66 apartments. The decoration evolves, the restaurant, the lounge library or the games room come to life. “It will be hot,” stresses Marie-Aude de Boisriou, director of Logis. Some residents arrive from other regions, such as Île de France, Vendée, Brittany… Many come to break a certain isolation and appreciate the openness of the place to the outside. »

An activity program established with the residents

In June, the seniors were able to meet the children who were brought to develop in the leisure reception. “The exchanges were rich, which bodes well for the future. “An activity program is being established with the residents. What pleases France Houzet, one of them: “I am from Pas-de-Calais and I have here a grandson by marriage who painted the project for me in the most beautiful way. I appreciate here the concern for beauty, the decoration of the place with respect for the external appearance. And this place is not only reserved for people of a certain age. I appreciate the fact that I am not alone in my corner. I’m all for getting involved in any way! »

A sight that makes Benoit Gruau excited: “I’m looking forward to seeing an elderly person talking to a student and a little one, here, in the middle of the garden…” He continues: “We have suggested the Alain and Michelet schools to come and enjoy the garden and vegetable patch. The Saint-Vénérand nursing home will be able to benefit from access to the park, so residents can continue to go there with their families and participate in activities. »

The cabin

After school will include 80 children. It will be open on Wednesday afternoon and Tuesday and Thursday after school hours. A director will be surrounded by volunteers (trainees, students, elderly, etc.).

The wedge

The solidarity café will have a terrace and will be open from the outside. “It will be able to create a meeting with the inhabitants of the district”, explains Antoine Soubrier, responsible for communication.

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The nest

The Tom & Josette network’s micro-nursery opens on 31 August and has 12 places. Some are still available. Companies can reserve places for their employees. Four early childhood professionals will develop there.

The roommate

The student residence consists of about ten furnished apartments made available to female students “who want to live in a place that promotes tranquility and study”.

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