A car rushes onto a terrace in Gien: restaurateurs overwhelmed by speed on the quays of the Loire

Once again, the worst has been avoided. “But until when?” asks Pascal Bedrossian. The manager of the bar-restaurant l’Antre Amis, located on quai Lenoir, witnessed an accident last week.

“I was inside, in the bar, and I heard a huge noise coming from outside. I saw a car drive away, overturned tables, broken glass and, above all, shocked customers,” he says. At lunchtime, a car hit one of the planters. With the impact, it was driven on customers installed on the terrace. No one was injured.

“The track of the accident is widely considered, indicates squadron leader Heddy Cherigui, commander of the gendarmerie company in Gien. An investigation is underway to locate the person. City cameras will be tapped.”

Facilities are considered inadequate

“It’s non-stop, every day, sometimes up to 100km/h (portion is limited to 30). At the moment there have been no deaths, but it will end very badly…”predicts Pascal Bedrossian, installed for eight years.

Another example that illustrates the accident-prone nature of the wharf, reminiscent of the accident in August 2020. A restaurateur who came to the terrace of her establishment had been knocked down by a vehicle. “An addition of measures will eradicate the problem”, said Francis Cammal, the mayor.

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The head of Vennehulen acknowledges that adjustments have been made: installation of speed bumps, installation of metal bollardsinstallation of planters… “But that’s not enough”, assesses the manager together with other traders.

Find “more radical” solutions

Alexandre Dubousset, from the restaurant A Deux Mains, believes that the speed bumps affect “those who are aware” and in any case do not slow down speed enthusiasts.

“We should put speed bumps, radar or signage”, suggests the boss, who also calls for an increased police presence. His wife Perrine, confronted with the phenomenon every day, admits to working in fear. She’s not the only one.

“I was already scared, testifies another trader. I had to put my hand on the bonnet to stop the car.”

“And it’s not because of the clients or the servers, insists Pascal Bedrossian. I have never seen a pedestrian kill a motorist. Either we accept that one day there will be a death, or we find more radical solutions.

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We come to think of other ways, other means of protection, responded Jacques Greuin, deputy mayor in charge of security and prevention. The big problem is that the sidewalks are at the same height as the carriageway. We have to deal with this disadvantage.”

Elodie Pradel

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