Mini is dusting off its image with its electric crossover concept

Mini, on the other hand, succumbs to the sirens of the crossover/SUV trend with a rather aesthetically bloated novelty. With the Mini Concept Aceman, the brand is trying to give the technology on board a facelift.

Mini has just presented its Aceman concept on July 27, 2022. The brand has decided to tackle the lucrative Crossover market. That said, if you’re under 30, we don’t know if you’ll be receptive to the style and innovations on offer.

Through this aesthetically cheeky concept, Mini provides the trends in its future roadmap for the future of the brand’s design. This Aceman Concept announces a model that will enrich the range with a new 100% electric reference in 2024. It must be said that the Mini Cooper SE is currently the only one that carries all the sales of electric motors.

A concept with a touch of “so British” eccentricity! »

Mini has named this design “Charismatic Simplicity”, a universe that navigates between its conservative line, found on all models of the current range, and what is needed for the novelty to adhere to trends.

Mini Aceman concept. // Source: Mini

Although the brand has retained several details that make the model still immediately identifiable as a Mini, other elements of the concept are a bit confusing. The front grill with its different light signatures and the roof rack seem a bit exaggerated. On the other hand, we’re still fans of Union Jack taillights. It remains a concept, and its conversion to a production model will certainly soften certain proposals, although the design already looks very close to a final version.

This Aceman concept is 4.05 meters long, it should be placed between the Mini Hatch and the Countryman. It is also 20 cm longer than a 100% electric Mini Cooper SE. It remains a model with an urban appeal, although it seems a little protein-doped to appear more muscular and follow the fashion of the moment.

mini concept ace4
The more classic rear of the Aceman concept. // Source: Mini

A newly designed interior and technological innovations

The facelift is felt at the level of the interior, but it is not certain that the designers’ choices are foreseen before the production of the model.

The interior of the Aceman is very refined, but we still find familiar elements, such as the large central round counter and the few control buttons typical of the brand. Mini innovates with its central console with modular storage and its atypically colored steering wheel is also under development.

Among the novelties that have their little effect is the dashboard, which seems to come alive with the dynamic and customizable projections envisioned by the brand’s engineers. Instead of covering the entire width of the vehicle with screens, these projections seem less intrusive, although they are also less interactive.

mini concept ace2
Mini’s Aceman concept interior. // Source: Mini

Mini is taking the opportunity to unveil the new operating system, which will be built on an Android Open Source Project software platform. This will make it possible to revitalize the displays and above all to offer new widgets that are more in line with the trend.

In its concept, Mini says goodbye to materials such as chrome or animal leather, it is now new generations of textiles that dress the interior. Several of these materials come from recycling, which is a fundamental trend in the automotive industry, which wants to be more environmentally conscious with its new 100% electric products.

No technical sheet at the moment

As often with concepts, we have to wait to find out more about the motorization and battery that will equip this future model.

At a minimum, we suspect the brand will adopt the base already used by the Mini Cooper SE: a 32.6 kWh battery and a 135 kW electric motor. However, with a larger model, it is easy to imagine that the brand will increase the battery on board. It wouldn’t be luxury, because that’s the biggest flaw with the current Mini Cooper SE.

The roof rack on the Concept Aceman, super practical for taking pictures of. // Source: Mini

The only thing the brand says outright is that the “Go Kart feel” will be retained in this crossover. This road behavior very close to the sensations of karting is much appreciated by Mini enthusiasts, so it is a good point if the brand manages to keep this spirit in a higher vehicle. However, this should not be at the expense of comfort, although that has never been the brand’s strong suit.

It will probably be necessary to wait until 2023 to discover the final version derived from this concept and to find out more about its technical characteristics.

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