Christophe Willem: this unexpected business of the singer around movies… for adults!

Christophe Willem has come a long way before arriving where he is now. He worked hard and never gave up despite the mistakes. The interview in the broadcast “I love you, etc. »the singer told a funny story. In his youth, he would have had fun shopping for adult films in his school’s grounds.

Christophe Willem: his journey to success

Christophe Willem made himself known by participating in the show “New Star”. Big winner of the 3rd edition, he immediately went on to release hits and several albums. This gave him the opportunity to make a name for himself in the French music universe.

Today the singer has many fans. He has had many successes and continues to do his best with each new project. During an interview at the Gala, the artist confided that he had had a few moments of doubt. Especially after the failure of his last album, Rio, released in 2017.

“The tour went very well and it consoled me, but I was frustrated that I didn’t manage to get the album to understand (…) it was a fear, but the fear does not prevent the danger. My previous album, Rio, was more difficult to carry because it didn’t find its audience,” he said.

Christophe Willem: his next album

Doubt and frustration did not stop the artist from persevering. Despite his disappointment, he made an effort. And for his fans. Some efforts which has obviously borne fruit, because his latest single “PS I love you” met with great success. A relief for Christophe Willem, who had high hopes for the project.

“For my team it was the title of the return, and for me it is immodest. For me, it was difficult to say that, to have a certain vulnerability, and to say that it was violent to have been rejected,” he confessed.

In addition, Christophe Willem’s next album should be released on September 16, 2022. An album that, according to him, is “a plug” as he would have designed it “without limitation”. During an interview with Karima Charni on his YouTube channel, the singer made some confidences regarding the project. He said he had “I hesitated a lot before choosing the name ‘Panorama'”. A name he chose for two reasons.

“The first is that it’s an album that bypasses all the questions,” he explained.

In this male looking back on his youthand talks about his “relation to se*uality, relations to the media”. The other is that it is the name of a street where he liked to be alone in his youth.

“The street is called ‘Rue du Panorama’ because we had a panorama of the whole of Paris,” he continued.

A business about adult films

In January 2019, the one Marianne James called the turtle confided amazing to say the least. The interview in the broadcast “I love you, etc. »he said he dealt in adult films in his youth.

“At school, I made the deal. I recorded sex films, which I then sold. There was a whole bartering,” explained the artist.

Christophe Willem’s classmates did not spare him when he was little. Because’he was somewhat feminineHe was often subjected to harassment.

Christophe Willem subjected to harassment

As he confided to the show “In Retro”Christopher William did not have an easy childhood. At school it was not uncommon to see his classmates pushing him around. Which affected him a lot at the time.

During the interview, he returned in particular to the day when his comrades spat on him after throwing him to the ground. A terrible memory which will haunt him for many years and which caused him to isolate himself from the other children.

According to Christophe, what moved him the most “it’s not so much the action”but “the non-reaction of the adults around”. The fact is that these never intervened to help him get through the hardships despite his distress.

Here is what Christophe Willem said:

“I was really exposed to school bullying directly in a rather violent way (…) It was a nightmare. It wasn’t repeating a year that was a nightmare, it was a nightmare to stay another year. »

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