5 Things We Learn in LEGO Star Wars: It’s Summer! on Disney+

New fun and sunny animated stories that also enrich the mythology of George Lucas a little more along the way.

After the Christmas fables in “Happy Holidays” at the end of 2020 and the Halloween legends in “Horrible Stories” in 2021, LEGO Star Wars is back on Disney+ today with a special new animated episode”summer“. We find Finn there, who organizes a vacation with the gang, Rey, Poe, R2D2 & co, aboard a cruise ship run by Lando Calrissian. The opportunity to bring back all the cult figures of the saga – from Han to Ben Solo , via Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi – and to tell us three sunny stories in Far Far Away Galaxy 40 minutes of fun to watch Star wars otherwise from a cooler, lighter angle. But also to enrich the mythology of the saga of George Lucas. So what do we learn LEGO Star Wars: It’s Summer ? Spoiler alert…


Finn has officially become a Jedi.

In the aftermath of Episode IX, we had found the former Stormtrooper as Rey’s Padawan LEGO Star Wars: Happy Holidays. Find before the ambition to pass the Jedi. It’s done now! He sees Force Specters appear next to him and trade with him. Which makes him realize that he has now truly become a true Jedi. Him too.

The definitive epilogue from the final trilogy?

The history about LEGO Star Wars: It’s Summer! takes place, in the official timeline, a few months after the end of The Rise of Skywalker. There is no more threat in the Galaxy and Finn is sad because the little band will break up forever. Rey goes in search of Jedi temples hidden on distant planets. Poe and Rose also go to their side. It’s the end of an era, as Finn insists. Are we to infer that this is the last time these characters will be at the center of the franchise?

Palpatine’s Blues

“Alexander the Great, seeing the extent of his empire, wept because he had no more worlds left to conquer…” This historical quote (well known to fans of die hard) fits Palpatine like a glove LEGO Star Wars: It’s Summer! We find the Emperor at the height of his power, after his victory at the end of Episode III. He won. The galaxy is his. The people celebrate it on this national holiday on Empire Day. But atop his Ivory Tower, in Coruscant, the Sith Lord is bored. His conquest is over. All that remains is that he must manage the day-to-day affairs, and the exercise of power is in solidarity. This particular episode of Star wars thus revealing a new unknown facet of the conqueror Palpatine, defined only in battle and confrontation with enemies at his height. Who is he without the Jedi? Does Yin have a purpose without Yang? Only Darth Vader tries to understand him and cheer him up by taking him to the beach…

LEGO Star Wars: It's Summer

Scarif, seaside resort

The paradise planet located in the Abrion sector of the Outer Rim that Cassian Andor storms into Rogue onecomes into effect again LEGO Star Wars: It’s Summer! And for good reason, before it became an Imperial base, it was a place of revelry, the Ibiza of the Galaxy, beaches of fun and leisure for holidaymakers from all walks of life. It was while he was enjoying his stay here with Darth Vader that the Emperor wanted to install his massive security complex there, and the Citadel Tower that contained the plans for the Death Star…

Frustrated teenager Ben Solo

LEGO Star Wars: It’s Summer! finally filling in a gap in the timeline Star wars, which tells the story of Ben Solo’s youth before he was attacked by Luke Skywalker and thrown to the dark side. Yes, we discover him here as a teenager, shy and uncomfortable in his skin, inhibited by his parents. During his last summer vacation before joining Uncle Luke’s temple to become a Jedi, little Ben experiences his first romantic feelings and shows that he is seriously complex. We understand then that it was not easy growing up as the son of the duo Han Solo / Princess Leia, adored and admired throughout the Galaxy…

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