This thermal paste prevents your PS4 from overheating!

Killian Bonamy

Tired of your PS4 or PC constantly overheating? Give them a new lease of life with this incredible product!

What is thermal paste and what is it used for?

In short, it is a conductive material whose function is to transfer heat between the electronic components and the cooler. It is therefore important to keep them at a suitable temperature so that they continue to function correctly.

There are different types of thermal paste and it is important to choose the right type depending on the application. thermal paste classic is ideal for an application that requires a thermal conductivity that is not too high, but can be difficult to apply due to its viscosity.

thermal paste High performance is easier to use, while offering better thermal conductivity. To put it simply, it is preferred when excellent heat dissipation is needed, such as for processors.

Also consider taking into account component typeof ambient temperature and the required level of performance.

If your components are sensitive to heat, such as Graphics card, it will be necessary to choose a high performance thermal paste. On the other hand, when the ambient temperature is high, it is recommended to choose a high temperature thermal paste. Finally, if you need it to be really conductive, it’s better to buy one based on copper.

The most versatile thermal paste on the market

ARCTIC is known as one of the leading manufacturers of coolers. This is why the brand has launched the marketing of a thermal paste tested in the laboratory, whose effectiveness manages to satisfy many consumers.

This product, which adapts to all processors, from CPU / GPU to PCs, including PS4 and Xbox are living proof of this. Its properties are quite improbable as, in addition to being extremely easy to use due to its consistency, it definitely eliminates any risk of short circuiting.

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High-performance ARCTIC thermal paste – 5.25 euros Amazon

The best thermal paste for your PS4?

Thermal pastes are an important part of cooling of yours PS4.

They help transfer heat from the processor to heatsinks or coolers, helping to keep the processor cool.

Thermal paste works as a intermediate layer between the processor and the cooler, and this can help prevent heat damage.

There are many different thermal pastes on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The most popular when it comes to consoles is enough Arctic Silver 5, which is made of silicon.

Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste (12g) – €22.28 Crab

PC processor: which thermal paste to cool it?

When you are dealing with one laptop processor, it is necessary to be all the more selective in choosing the thermal paste to be used. Indeed, that should be sufficient thick to distribute the heat evenly and prevent overheating, as well as the damage that could occur as a result.

It must be flexible enough to adapt to the contours of the processor and secure good connection. A high-quality thermal paste is therefore essential to ensure optimal operation of the processor, but above all it must offer a thermal conduction most high possible.

Thermal Grizzly Thermal Paste – €10.99 Amazon

When should you change the thermal paste on your devices?

It is important to monitor the state of the thermal paste which sits between the processor and the system cooler. In fact, this paste has the role of better transferring the heat from the processor to the cooler.

It must therefore be changed after a certain period of time. Timeshiftto ensure proper operation of the cooling system.

In general, it is advisable to change it between 3 and 5 years after placing it on the device in question, although of course this depends on the wear and tear of the latter.

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