the direct expression thumps

As part of the fun referendum campaign, national television has started broadcasting live expression sessions of participants in the referendum campaign. The Independent Higher Authority for Elections (Isie) had published a list of individuals, political parties and organizations with the right to speak publicly about the draft of the new constitution. For this, it was necessary to register with Isie and obtain a permit to participate in the campaign, even before the publication of the project subject to a referendum. Project which has also been changed in the middle of the campaign.

The first part of the direct expression sessions obviously met the expectations of the Tunisians, not in terms of political messages, but as a comic product, containing more crazy and ridiculous statements than each other. Thus we were treated to speeches praising the head of state, Kaïs Saïed.

The star of these sessions was Souhail Nemri, who tried to express his attachment to the motherland and his deep devotion. Nevertheless, he was enmeshed and launched as a slogan No loyalty to the country ». He even repeated this phrase with fervor, believing himself to be giving a speech worthy of those given by a Winston Churchill or a Charles de Gaulle during the Second World War.

Safia Tlili, speaking on behalf of the Tunisian youth patriotic movement, in a tone reminiscent of propagandist speeches, dared to throw us a note: “thanks to the wisdom of the clever lawyer and the good sense of the specialist” referring to the Chairman. She had rushed to swing, quickly and mechanically, hundreds of words that prevented any onlooker from retaining the slightest information.

Subsequently, a certain Moncef Louhichi spoke of plots hatched by masonic, extremist, fascist and authoritarian political parties that have ruled over the past decade. The late Béji Caïd Essebsi would therefore have been part of a Masonic plot? Mohamed Ennasser is a fascist? We would nickname him double M (Mohamed Mussolini)? It’s probably just a set of terms he didn’t understand and had memorized in order to shout them out in public. Besides, what better than a speech warning against the Freemason’s plans to encourage his troops. Provoking a sense of fear and anger against an unknown enemy who is capable of anything is surely the best communication weapon…

Most of the participants in these sessions only repeated parts of the many boring speeches of the head of state, Kaïs Saïed. Almost an hour of “traitors”, “sold out”, “a corrupt political elite” or “tailored laws”.

There were even some yes to autocracy “. An acknowledgment of Mustapha Dhaouadi, who participates in the campaign as a natural person. Without flinching and while being sure of himself, he declared: Yes, to autocracy, because the Tunisian people are not afraid of democracy ». A sentence that could make Plato, Diderot or iek bleed from the nose and eyes. He said that the constitution lays down the principle of decentralization, although the provisions regarding this principle and mentioned in the 2014 constitution have been completely neglected.

As expected, the speaker’s meetings consisted largely of verses and tirades arguing that the draft new constitution will address all the ills of Tunisians. It will put an end to smuggling and the parallel market. This would be the only solution that cuts short the rentier economy! The use of the term “office” instead of power would be a feat that prevents corruption and even makes it possible to liberate Palestine! We therefore no longer need to talk about a reform program or a socio-economic crisis. The draft of the new constitution will address all this.

It should be noted that representatives of political parties who spoke during this session and used the terms “youth” or “youth” in their name did not belong to this section. In addition, almost all the people who spoke during this first session supported the President of the Republic and his draft new constitution and had called for a massive vote in favor of “yes”.

This is just a sample of the masquerade that is this election campaign. A real farce broadcast on national television at the expense of the taxpayer and a waste of public money. Do we really need to pay money, taxes and contributions in favor of the Tunisian radio and television companies RTT to listen to and watch incomprehensible speeches like the project of the new constitution, which is likely to be adopted at a rate of 80% or even 90? These sessions have turned into a long history recounting what appear to be the heroic deeds and prowess of the President of the Republic. La Haica had therefore requested the cancellation of the broadcast of these sessions due to the obvious imbalance between the opponents of the project of the new constitution and those who support it. Isie has of course been in the ostrich and has completely zapped the case.

This campaign, as we have already said, is sinking deeper and deeper into ridicule. She testified about several electoral violations, the establishment of a system that excludes opponents of Kaïs Saïed and his project and exploitation of the public administration. It will be crowned by the adoption of a constitution that once and for all dissolves political pluralism, civil state and law, political rights and freedoms, development and people’s right to self-determination. .

Sophie Ghoubantini

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