Cliff. He has not been able to rent a shared car since March 2022

Michel Yacoyan, in front of one of the two shared cars on rue Trinité in Falaise. ©The Cliff News.

A year ago was Community of communes in the Pays de Falaise threw its car sharing service.

Michel Yacoyan, a resident of Falaise, found the idea very interesting, progressive, which went in the right direction. “There are several municipalities that do the same. Do we need two cars in a household? Not always. It was a possibility.

My girlfriend has an old car with 300,000 kilometers. She often has to make appointments with doctors or specialists, especially in Caen. His car uses as much diesel as water, it is not a solution for the future. It was a very good idea”.

The couple, who at the start were not able to rent the car for 3 weeks, could benefit from the assistance of one or the other of the brand Zoé, Renault. This lasted until October or even November. We were satisfied, although the cars were not always clean, neither inside nor outside. I was often the one putting tires back in and adding washer fluid.”

The ratio between cost and mileage is unsurpassed

For half a day, the rent is 7 euros, two half days 12 euros or three half days, 15 euros.

Everything is included in the price, the fuel, the card that allows you to recharge it. The ratio between cost and mileage is unsurpassed. Honestly, for someone who has a thermomobile that consumes a lot, it’s interesting. Michel Yacoyan, resident of Falaise.

Michel Yacoyan uses it a lot. Until the day when…” The terminals changed hands. The cards had to be changed. There were problems with terminals, the cars did not work. Terminals that are. For 2 months the car rue du champ Saint-Michel did not work “.

Since January it has been a disaster. Availability over a year is less than 50% and since January it is less than 20%. Because there is a card or terminal problem, the cars don’t work. For a month, the car rue du Champ Saint-Michel disappeared (Editor’s note: interview conducted on July 15. The car has since returned).

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It is nevertheless a service from the CDC in the Pays de Falaise made for the inhabitants. Rue Trinité and Passage des Templiers, the car has not worked for 2 months. A user has allegedly forgotten the card.

CDC is waiting for the card to come back and the car is not available. It is a card that you can get in 48 hours. A few days ago I found out that they must have found a card when they plugged it back in, but bad. Charging does not work”.

“An electric car is not a vacuum cleaner”

According to Michel Yacoyan, there is a lack of information regarding the users. An electric car is not a vacuum cleaner. There must be a good connection between the terminal and the vehicle. The link must be well registered “.

The 60-year-old found the idea all the more interesting as shared cars were to be used for employment. But it gives the impression that nobody cares. It can’t work.”

Michel Yacoyan believes that the CDC has put a service in place and that it must deliver. CDC has support from Ademe, up to 50%. You pay double as a citizen”. Michel Yacoyan, who has not been able to rent a car since March (and his partner since April), laments the last-minute cancellations. “My boyfriend is forced to drive his old car”.

The resident of Falaise wants to “shake the coconut tree so that the system returns in a correct way. Again, I thought it was modern. I was the first to rejoice. But there it is clear that the CDC is not modern’.

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