10 fascinating duos that made us love the MCU

When Marvel Studios launched that Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has accomplished something incredible. Audiences don’t go to Marvel movies just to see their action sequences, but also to have the opportunity to admire Loki and Thor arguing on screen. Audiences are now very familiar with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy saving the world as a team, but within these groups there are duets with a unique dynamic and a fascinating alchemy. As new productions entered the MCU, surprising new heroes and villains have teamed up. There are a ton of awesome duos in the Marvel universe, exciting in their own way. Let us introduce you to some of them that have made a special impression on us.

#10 Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

Anyone who tells you to “never meet your heroes” can be contradicted by the example of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Of all the Avengers to admire, Kate Bishop chose Hawkeye after seeing him fight the Chitauri during the invasion of New York. It was from this moment that the young woman decided to take up archery and self-defense techniques in order to to be able to protect his family the way Clin Barton had defended New York City.

Kate Bishop appears in the MCU as a less cynical and jaded version of Clint Barton, worn down from years of service to SHIELD and all the hardships he has been put through. Their master/student and sour/optimistic dynamic works very well. As the characters spend time together, we can’t help but notice that the chemistry takes and that the two heroes push each other upwards. The passing of the torch from Clint Barton to Kate Bishop, made in the series Hawkeye, appears only more delicious to watch, during the last episode of the series.

#9 Gamora and Peter Quill

As Drax explained to Peter Quill, i Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 : There are two types of creatures in the universe: those who dance and those who don’t.“. And while we all thought cold intergalactic killer Gamora fell into the second category, we were sadly mistaken. He just needed a reason to dance.

And so she finally found it in the person of Peter Quill. In the first volume of Guardians of the Galaxytaught the two heroes to work together, to respect each other and finally also to love each other. They were tricked into saving the universe together, during which their friendship blossomed into love. Gamora trusted Quill enough to ask him to kill her if the situation called for it. For his part, Star-Lord seemed to like him enough to actually be up for it.

#8 Peter Parker and Tony Stark

Anyone familiar with the character of Spider-Man knows that the hero grew up without a true father figure. It is therefore this role that Tony Stark replaced when he recruited Peter Parker Captain America: Civil War. Tony Stark’s irreverence and Spidey’s innocence certainly seem to go hand in hand. Although their personalities are different in many respects, one cannot avoid look a little off Tony Stark as young Peter Parker, especially when he wears the latest costume designed by his elder’s care.

Spider-Man learned a lot from Iron Man, and Tony Stark has proven his maturity by taking young Peter Parker under his wing. The moment Tony loses his follower Avengers: Infinity War, proving that he actually cares about Peter Parker. And Spider-Man returns the favor as he admires Iron Man as a hero, but also as a mentor.

#7 T’Challa and Shuri

Shuri is the “Alfred” of T’Challa, so to speak. He is the king of Wakanda and she is the head man of the entire kingdom. As ruler and heir to the Black Panther suit, T’Challa carries a lot of weight on his shoulders. This also explains why he is so lucky having Shuri by his side. In addition to providing T’Challa with his hero costume and gadgets, the princess is also the inventor of much of the kingdom’s modern technology. Without her, T’Challa would never have become the hero we know today.

T’Challa’s somewhat regal demeanor disappears in contact with his sister’s good humor. There is something really satisfying sees Shuri teasing her older brother. This adds a warm aspect to the people of Wakanda, who see their representatives as a reflection of their country’s culture. It’s especially heartbreaking to know that we’ll never see this duo reunited on screen again.

#6 Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova

When you’ve known someone as long as you have memories, it seems natural to feel close to that person. Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova grew up together for three years, in suburban Ohio. And although for many years the two women no longer saw each other and lived separate lives, their reunion gave the impression that they were two old playground rivals who had never really left each other.

Yelena is obviously not afraid of teasing his girlfriend about her hot positions, and Natasha returns to her, keeping an eye on her. One cannot deny the chemistry that exists between the two sisters. This makes them difficult to separate from each other, as if it had become clear to see them murdering together.

#5 Vision and Wanda

The unconventional love story between Wanda and Vision is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt romances we’ve seen in the MCU. The little moments these two shared, both in private and on the battlefield in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Wanda Visionhave proven how they were an exceptional couple.

We saw them save each other and fighting together for their family. The duo he formed was like no other. They live on their love for each other to overcome the obstacles that stood in their way. It is therefore not surprising to see Wanda falls into darkness after losing the love of her life for the second time.

#4 Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

The friendship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes has lasted for decades. This has literally crossed the ages. Before Steve gets the super soldier serum, Bucky made sure nothing happened to him. When he received it, the two soldiers fought together against the Nazis in World War II.

Subsequently, Bucky accidentally disappeared during a mission. The two friends are so connected that even when he reappeared in the guise of the Winter Soldier, the brain was formatted by HYDRA, Steve didn’t doubt for a second that the friend he had known was still inside. The various events they will face next, combined with Steve’s determination, will push Bucky to finally regain his memory. Their example shows it true friendships stand the test of time and even brainwashing cannot erase them.

#3 Rocket Raccoon and Groot

MCU introduced us to Groot and Rocket as a duo of inseparable intergalactic hunters. They have a closeness together that exceeds that of the other guardians, and form a surprising team on the battlefield. Their relationship is strengthened by the fact that only Rocket can understand all the nuances of the sentence: “My name is GrootSo he is the only one who can actually communicate with the plant-shaped alien.

After sacrificing himself to save the Guardians, Groot will make way for “his offspring”, a sort of child version of himself. From the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we can see Rocket takes care of Baby Groot and act as a father to the bush, who will gradually change into a rebellious teenager.

#2 Thor and Loki

Thor and Loki are the two most popular brothers in the MCU. As the adopted son of Odin, Loki feels neglected, unloved and envious of his brother Thor, whom he considers unworthy of the succession to the throne. What makes them really endearing in the MCU is that despite the differences between them, Thor and Loki actually like each other. At least in their own way.

In the films Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok, Loki’s thirst for evil seems to disappear thanks to Thor’s indulgence towards him. As is often the case between siblings, the relationship that unites the two characters continues to oscillate between love and hate. Their indefinable bond will be broken when Loki sacrifices himself, once again, to help his brother against Thanos.

#1 Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton

Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, is the reason Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) joined SHIELD instead of murdering her, the archer offered him the chance to change his life and offered him to join the organization. Their friendship then strengthened over the missions and took a decisive turn during the assassination of Dreykov in Budapest.

Black Widow and Hawkeye appear as the “most human” members of the Avengers team. They are ready to die for each other, as shown by the sacrifice of Natasha Romanoff, who gave her life to retrieve the Soul Stone so her friend Clint wouldn’t have to.

With so many captivating characters, it was hard to narrow it down to just ten duets. Don’t hesitate to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments. While you’re waiting to read your messages, you can discover a new article that will explain how Thanos’ sword was able to cut through Captain America’s shield in Avengers: Endgame.

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