Tomatoes and melons targeted by thieves, car-truck collision … The various facts about this Wednesday in Auvergne in brief

On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, two men were caught stealing fuel in Clerlande. A local resident noticed movement around construction vehicles and alerted the police. More than 360 liters of diesel were siphoned off. The Gendarmerie’s surveillance and intervention group carried out checks, and the suspected perpetrators were arrested shortly afterwards in Riom. The two men are in custody and will appear in court early next year.

Research to find a man hospitalized in Thiers

A dozen gendarmes from the communities of brigades in Thiers, Lezoux and Psig were employed at 8 pm on Tuesday due to the disappearance since lunchtime of a 54-year-old man, disoriented, hospitalized in Thiers. Their investigations took place at the hospital center, its surroundings, the various roads leading to it, to the old center of Thiers, which is 3-4 km away. A dog handler and his Saint-Hubert, who came from Clermont-Ferrand, then came as reinforcements to look for the person until 01:30. The search resumed on Wednesday morning with the help of Thier’s research brigade. Around 11 o’clock, the man who lives in Arlanc was seen by chance by hospital staff in Breuil in Vollore-Ville, about twenty kilometers from Thiers. He was safe and sound.

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Collision between a car and a truck in Saint-Gérand-de-Vaux

A collision between a car and a semi-trailer took place on Wednesday around 7.40am at the junction of the RN7 and D32 between Bessay-sur-Allier and Saint-Loup. A car traveling on the D32 was crossing the RN7 when a lorry arrived. The driver of this one could not avoid the shock. The truck hit the left rear of the car. The driver of the latter, 53 years old, living in Saint-Hilaire, and her passenger were taken to the hospital for a check-up.

50 kg of tomatoes and 7 melons stolen from Monétay-sur-Loire

An unusual theft was observed by the gendarmes of Dompierre-sur-Besbre on Wednesday around 15:20 at a place called “Les Raymonds”. A gardener had 50 kg of tomatoes and seven melons stolen.

premium The violent ex-spouse sentenced by the court in Moulins (Allier)

Upper Loire

Blavozy: she leaves the road and grabs her glasses

A motorist lost control of his car on Tuesday at 7.20 am on the Le Puy bypass. Her car hit the curb as she tried to grab her sunglasses. The driver, who complained of knee pain, was attended to by firefighters who took her to Le Puy Hospital.

Gas leak, rue Maréchal-Fayolle in Yssingeaux

Following a maneuver during the repair work on rue Maréchal-Fayolle in Yssingeaux, on Wednesday afternoon there was a gas leak on a pipe that caused a general power failure. GrDF agents and firefighters were mobilized to quickly restore the situation.

Without permission he fled before the gendarmes in Brioude

The Brivadois gendarmes faced an unusual situation on Tuesday shortly before midnight. On a road check towards the Brioude swimming pool, they saw a vehicle approaching before stopping and then reversing. During this maneuver, the driver lost control of the vehicle, which overturned before coming to rest on its roof. The 19-year-old driver did not have a driver’s license. Drug and alcohol tests were negative. Slightly injured in the shock, he was taken care of by the firemen.

Two minors suspected of starting the fire that destroyed two agricultural buildings in Saint-Cirgues (Haute-Loire)

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