How to easily limit Dell Laptop battery in Windows 10/11

Want to extend the battery life of your Dell laptop by setting a charge limit? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this guide you will learn how to limit battery on Dell laptop under Windows 10/11.

Meanwhile, before any other component in a laptop, the battery wears out first. This is the result of an overload. When you charge your battery after it has reached its maximum charge, you run the risk of overcharging it. Simply put, overcharging a battery occurs when the charge is greater than 100%. Overcharging a lithium-ion battery causes thermal runaway and pressure build-up, making the battery unstable. The lifetime of the battery is thus shortened. The most common use of lithium-ion batteries is in laptop computers. When the charger is left in the laptop after charging is complete, overcharging may occur. If you limit the battery charge after a certain percentage, overcharging can be avoided.

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Why limit your laptop’s battery level?

Why can keeping your laptop’s maximum battery charge low extend its life? It has to do with the chemistry and operation of lithium-ion batteries. Our definitive guide to battery charging has a detailed explanation.

The quick explanation is that lithium batteries do not like to be charged to their maximum capacity for long periods of time. The battery is stressed and discharges faster. You bring the need to replace it sooner. If you have one of the many modern thin laptops where the battery is not removable and quite expensive to replace properly, you have a serious problem.

How to limit the battery on a Dell laptop

Fortunately, if you have a Dell laptop, you don’t need to use third-party apps. Dell Power Manager can handle the task. By customizing how the battery is maintained based on their preferences, end users can maximize their battery life using the Dell Power Manager tool. In addition, Dell Power Manager provides warning messages for incompatible USB Type-C devices and protocols, batteries, docking stations, and power adapters.

1. Dell laptops come with the Dell Power Manager utility pre-installed. Otherwise, download and install Dell Power Manager from the Microsoft Store.

2. Once installed, launch the application. Go to Battery information tab and click Settings.


3. Navigate to Custom menu and set the battery to the percentage you want.

4. Once everything is configured, click OKAY. In our case, we set it to 80%.

How to easily limit Dell Laptop battery in Windows 10/11

Limit the battery on a Dell laptop

That is it. How to set or limit Dell laptop battery in Windows 10/11. You cannot start and stop your laptop’s battery charging by setting a charge limit in Windows 11. You need to install the specialized program created by your laptop’s manufacturer or change the necessary settings in your laptop’s BIOS.system if you want adjust charging parameters and set a charging limit. for your laptop’s battery.

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