Delamain Cyberpunk 2077: Epistrophy, the location of the cars

Everything goes wrong for V in Cyberpunk 2077, having just recovered from losing his best friend and developing a worsening case of schizophrenia that causes his brain to melt in the prologue as he quietly walks to the parking lot to pick up his car, he gets screwed while you are insulted. All that remains for him is to go to the Delamain company headquarters to complain and be compensated. You also have to wait 10 hours of gameplay to get your old car back, so it’s best to buy a new one if you haven’t already.

Once at the headquarters, Delamain will show you around and give you a mission: find his escaped vehicles in Night City. Here is the position of the Delamain cars to find, to restore some order to the various districts of Night City.

Delamain vehicle position map

Generally, a passage through the area near vehicles will automatically trigger a message from Delamain, which will tell you that you are in the right area. However, there are special actions that need to be taken in some cases.

Cyberpunk 2077

The north side

This vehicle is parked at the bottom of a dead end at the start, you need to get closer for it to start moving. You will receive a call from Delamain when the vehicle starts moving through the industrial area. Try to follow it by staying as close as possible. A motorcycle can be a good choice. No need to crash into the cabin or block it, just stay close and it will automatically stop after crashing into a pile of junk.

North Oak

This vehicle is in motion, it is constantly driving around the roundabout in the area. Answer his call and jump in to drive in his place. This is the only time in Cyberpunk 2077 that you will have to drive slowly and carefully. Make sure you don’t bump into anything and even don’t go too fast or the AI ​​will automatically slow you down. Sometimes the car stops by itself, you have to be patient and bring it back to the headquarters.

good springs

Here is the vehicle that smashed your car and insulted you in a significant way. The car rotates around the neighborhood, so you can easily come across it in the area. It is better to drive with a sturdy vehicle, such as a pick-up truck or a truck, and not with a motorcycle. You need to deal enough damage to it by hitting it, preferably on the sides. Using grenades can also work, but beware of accompanying damage.


This car is on the sidewalk and she’s threatening to kill herself. Tell him that suicide is not a solution, and try to comfort her. She will eventually agree to go home.

coastal view

Be careful, this is definitely the meanest vehicle of the lot. She is easy to recognize with her strange voice. Follow it until it stops by itself under a freeway bridge. It is so necessary to quickly get out of the car and prepare to kill enemies that appear everywhere. Be careful though, there are explosives all over the area. After the local gangsters are killed, return to the car to send it back to the paddock.

Rancho Coronado

This car has a thing for plastic garden flamingos, we can understand that. Walk around the gardens to destroy these insults to good taste. You can do this with a bladed weapon to avoid attracting the attention of the police. Once these 8 abominations have been eliminated, Delamain can regain control of the vehicle, satisfied with having done a good deed.


This vehicle is well hidden, in the middle of the giant dump on the outskirts of the city. You can reach it on foot or by motorbike using the scanner. Then it’s just a matter of getting on board and listening to the dialogue.

Once all the vehicles have been repatriated, simply return to Delamain HQ to return the scanner and receive a well-deserved reward. Also, get ready for a sequel a few hours later.

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