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This metaverse construction marketplace connects brands and builders of large virtual worlds, including Decentraland and The Sandbox, enabling brands to deliver on-demand assets and experiences. Its decentralized approach brings together the best manufacturers to offer unmatched quality and savings to the cutting edge brands of the metaverse. SandStorm, the leading metaverse building community, has launched its long-awaited “ proposals and offers“.

A marketplace to meet brand needs

Like on-demand marketplace platforms like HomeAdvisor and Upwork, SandStorm has already become a hub for thousands of the world’s best metaverse developers to find work. By connecting brands, independent developers and development studios of all sizes, SandStorm offers an innovative solution that enables established brands like Walmart, Panera and McDonald’s to enter the open metaverse.

Steve McGarry, CEO of SandStorm, said:The physical workplace has become less important to many of us over the past few years. At SandStorm, we believe that the work of the future will primarily be determined by the individual’s skills and abilities to work as a team in the metaverse. As we move towards a more digital society, abilities to create assets for multiple virtual worlds displayed on a SandStorm profile will equalize the chances of finding employment.»

The SandStorm platform highlights developers based on their skills, availability, communication skills, level, deadlines and team spirit. You can compare it to building a dream house in the physical world, but instead of hiring a local real estate developer, you choose the best architect in Korea, the best roofer in London, and the best electrician in Canada. In the virtual world, brands can screen entrepreneurs based on their portfolio of past achievements.

Brands can offer to create an experience in The Sandbox, Decentraland and soon five other virtual worlds. Independent developers and development studios around the world then bid with their SandStorm profile. Brands can then recruit the team they want thanks to advice from SandStorm. When the project is completed, a NFT transaction (TNFT) is sent to the profiles of all involved developers. This allows professionals to share their role in the project and promote the realization of the brand to their clients. Brand partners and builders review each other after the project is completed to ensure all parties enjoy the highest quality experience.

SandStorm CBO Matt Saricicek said:SandStorm aims to ease access for brands, as the minimum budget to submit a proposal is $1,000 for a small group of assets. Once these proposals are approved, they go live to over 2,000 verified developers who can bid on projects of all sizes.»

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are countless other smart and creative people around the world who are not yet familiar with Web3, and who will eventually expand the current Web3 community and experiences a thousandfold. We are fascinated by the work of these incredible artists and are excited to contribute to this movement.»

The metaverse is full of future

JP Morgan predicted that the metaverse will be an $8 trillion market by 2030, and the need for developers and creators to generate content for all virtual experiences is huge. As SandStorm continues to structure the open construction market in the metaverse through a massive amount of pricing data, builder education will play a critical role.

SandStorm offers weekly talks, workshops and tutorials streamed live from its platform and welcomes an average of 25 new developers into the space each day. As a launching pad for enthusiastic new builders, SandStorm expects to welcome between 130 and 170 new developers per day by mid-2023.

We believe that the key to unlocking the potential of future generations is to establish an open platform where everyone can “build” their own destiny by becoming a creator of the metaverse.said Evan Stafford, COO of SandStorm.

About SandStorm

SandStorm connects brands with the best developers of virtual worlds, thereby reducing the barriers to entry into the metaverse. Thanks to the individual platformproposals and bidsfrom SandStorm, brands can submit a proposal, accept offers and engage virtual real estate developers in coveted metaverses. Developers, on the other hand, can leverage their portfolio to connect with clients that will give them a global audience and showcase their skills.

To learn how to submit your proposal to thousands of the world’s best metaverse developers in Decentraland and The Sandbox, click here.

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