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The Jack Ma Foundation on August 1 announced the names of the 50 finalists for the Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Prize competition, 2022 edition.

With the aim of highlighting and supporting African entrepreneurs, the Jack Ma Foundation has organized the Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Prize, 2022 edition.

The competition attracted more than 21,000 entries from 54 African countries. Applications from Central Africa have increased by 20%, or 9% of the total applications received. Southern Africa presented 17% of candidates, East Africa also 17% and West Africa 43%.

In addition, the number of applications from North Africa, which increased by 26% compared to the previous edition, represented 7% of the total. This year, the number of applications from 34 countries has increased by more than 50%. Egypt, Burkina Faso, Malawi and Burundi, for example, are showing tremendous growth in their participants, strengthening ABH’s position as a truly pan-African initiative.

Female entrepreneurs are well represented with 31% of applications. The age of the participants varies from 19 to 72, proof that there is no age limit to being an entrepreneur.

ABH, now in its 4th edition, has become a major philanthropic program in Africa. Most of the participants learned about the competition’s existence by word of mouth.

A panel of more than 60 judges will now interview the 50 finalists from a variety of industries – agriculture, energy, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Ten percent of them are French-speaking, 42% are women and 60% are active in rural areas.

For the first time, this Top 50 includes candidates from Burkina Faso, Somalia, Guinea and Burundi.

“We are delighted to see that this year every country and region in Africa is represented in the competition and that the participants are more diverse than ever,” said Zahra Baitie-Boateng, Head of Partnerships and Programs, Africa’s Business Heroes. According to her, more than 21,000 entrepreneurs from all sectors, genders and ages participated in the competition and it is very encouraging! “.

“The 50 ABH 2022 finalists are a testament to the enormous potential and talent that exists in Africa. We look forward to showcasing them and giving them the support they need to grow and make a positive impact on their businesses and communities,” she added.

The 50 ABH 2022 finalists recently attended a virtual training seminar for the next round of interviews.

The seminar featured sessions led by partners and members of the jury. Topics included using data to better understand markets, identifying growth opportunities, delivering effective digital marketing campaigns and selling in the digital age.

The top 20 will be announced at the end of August. Finally, the Top 10 will be announced in October, before the grand finale, where each of these top ten will present their project live to international celebrities from the business world to win their share of the USD 1.5 million prize.

This year, the competition’s official slogan is “It’s African Time”, a bold call to action for all African entrepreneurial talents who challenge the stereotypes associated with “The African time” by making an impact and building a better and more inclusive future through their activities.

See the list of the 50 finalists for ABH 2022 at

About Africa’s business heroes

The Africa’s Business Heroes competition is the leading philanthropic initiative led by the Jack Ma Foundation. This competition aims to support and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs from all business sectors who are building a more sustainable and inclusive economy across the continent.

For ten years, ABH will reward 100 African entrepreneurs and is committed to providing grants, training programs and support for the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each year, the ABH competition selects 10 finalists who have the opportunity to showcase their business and win a share of the $1.5 million USD prize. Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group and the Jack Ma Foundation, created the competition after his first visit to Africa in 2017, where he was inspired by the energy and entrepreneurial potential of the young people he met.; information in real time

2 August 2022 by Akpedje Ayosso,
Ignace B. Fanou

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