Mercedes-AMG returns to victory in the Ardennes!

Gardin at the 2022 24 Hours of Spa, won for the first time since 2013 by Mercedes-AMG with the Marciello/Gounon/Juncadella trio of Team Akkodis ASP. Historic victory for the 100% female crew of Iron Dames Frey/Bovy/Gatting/Pin!

After Ferrari in 2021, victorious in the Ardennes afterwards 17 years of scarcityaround Mercedes-AMG to return to success in the biggest GT race in the worldwhich 74th edition was exciting from start to finish.

This Sunday d Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, the trio consists of Raffaele Marciello, Jules Gounon and Dani Juncadella allowed the star brand to claim its first overall win since 2013 at the wheel in No. 88 of Team Akkodi’s ASP. Mercedes even offers double that with the team car GetSpeed in front of the Ferrari n°71 Iron Lynx.

When the leaders… cling to Eau Rouge!

This 74. Spa double bell tower, competed in front of a large crowd after two editions disrupted by Covid-19, saw more cars join the battle for victory. If Sunday morning usually allows itclarify a hierarchynothing was decided at the end of the night.

In addition, the #88 Mercedes-AMG was among the contenders for victory Porsche No. 47 KCMGthat BMW n°98 ROWE Racingthat Ferrari #71 Iron Lynx andAston Martin Beechdean AMR #95.

Aston Martin was just involved in one of them most dramatic momentss of this race after Gounon, in Mercedes, had caught up Nicki Thiem and that they were side by side at the foot of Red Water Raidillon.

French, with rope as he approached the coast he seemed to have the best of his rival, but Thiim kept his foot on the floor and hit the Mercedes. The shock, less, did not destabilize the Frenchman, but sent Aston in spinning top, at high speed, across the track! More fear than harm, in the end, for Thiim, who however lost his chances of victory there (see below).

Three-way match aborted

At the expense of long skillfully mastered relays Mercedes-AMG #2 Team GetSpeed invited himself into the favorites a few hours from the checkered flag. The match appeared to be reduced to one three car matchbefore BMW from ROWE Racing does not suffer from a puncture.

After inheriting the lead, the No. 2 Mercedes-AMG Team GetSpeed ​​​​​​could not resist the return of Raffaele Marciello. The Swiss driver took advantage of his fresher tires to take the lead and never let them go, except during the final refueling phase. That Mercedes-AMG Team Group M n°55 took the opportunity to take the lead before having to stop in turn, leaving the field open to the No. 88.

Mercedes double, Ferrari on the podium

At the end of 24 hours, Mercedes-AMG could enjoy a impressively doubled, Akkodis ASP No. 88 wins ahead of GetSpeed ​​​​No. 2. That Ferrari #71 Iron Lynx completed the podium without being able to defend his chances after one fine for violation of safety car.

The #55 Mercedes-AMG finished fourth ahead of the #50 and #98 ROWE Racing BMWs. We then find Porsche n°47 KCMG, McLaren n°38 JOTA, followed by Ferrari Iron Lynx #51 and the #95 Aston Martin Beechdean AMR.

“Iron Dames” win the Gold Cup!

Whose Silver Cup a was won byAudi Team WRT #30one of them Dividends of this edition lies in the success i Gold Cup of Iron Ladies. Rahel Frey, Sarah Bovy, one of the scene’s regional, Michelle Gatting and Doriane Pin thus become first 100% female crew to win in the GT3 era of the 24 Hours of Spa after a masterfully executed event!

Finally the category win in Pro Am came back to Ferrari AF Corse No. 52, imitated in Bronze Cup over there Mercedes-AMG #20 from SPS Automotive Performance.

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