Fortunes; old luxury cars enriched with electricity

What has stung David Beckham? A thousand leagues from his investments in the fashionable sectors of cannabinoids and e-sports, the former captain of the English football team is interested in the disappearance of trades – a priori. The former footballer has offered himself a 10% stake in Lunaz, an English vintage car restoration workshop. The mere sight of these antiquated devices polluting the atmosphere has environmental activists determined to eradicate any vehicle not powered by the elf from our cities. This is to forget that in France alone old vehicles support almost 25,000 employees. Enough to generate, according to the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FFVE), an annual turnover of 4 billion euros by 2021 among dealers, mechanics, bodybuilders and spare parts distributors.

David Beckham’s investment seems all the wiser as Lunaz is not content to restore the luster to the bodywork and their horsepower to the engines. Founded in Silverstone in 2018, this company specializes in electric retrofitting, in other words transplanting an electric battery and motor in place of the original thermal mechanics. Thus draped in an “ecological varnish”, the old car becomes “sexy in the eyes of investors as soon as it is part of the logic of a circular economy”, notes Michel Loreille, president of the Historic Vehicles division of Mobilians, an organization representing trade with car distribution.

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