Car hire on holiday: 6 tips to save!

The prices of rental cars usually skyrocket when the summer holidays approach. In recent years, an increase of almost 40% has been recorded in the prices charged by car rental companies. Some vehicles are also unavailable to vacationers who have not set aside a large portion of their budget for travel. However, there are interesting tips to save on the price of renting a car in the summer.

Book your rental car as far in advance as possible

In order to have a cheap car during the holidays, the ideal solution consists of anticipate the rent. The sooner you reserve the vehicle with a company or individual, the cheaper the cost of the operation will be. This reduction is explained by the tendency of rental companies to offer flexible prices during periods of low traffic (e.g. working days or hours). Conversely, car rental prices rise as demand exceeds supply.

A few days before your departure on holiday (between 72 hours and 48 hours), we advise you to contact a car rental company to make a reservation. You can specify the duration of use, the desired category of car as well as the options to be included in the car rental.

Also, avoid renting a vehicle on weekends as the crowd is usually strong on Saturdays and Sundays. Book your car in the middle of the week insteadand choose a company whose terms suit your needs as well as your budget.

Compare prices between different rental companies

It is necessary to compare the prices from the rental companies, as the offers differ from rental agency to rental agency. Prices generally vary depending on the services offered: insurance, 0 euro deductible, extra driver, first top-up, etc.

Feel free to use one online comparator reliable for comparing prices and services included in the tenants’ offers. Once you are on the simulation platform, you will need to provide certain information, such as:

  • the type of car (compact, MPV, minibus, etc.),
  • the duration of the rental (a few days or several weeks),
  • the number of passengers,
  • the budget,
  • the desired options.

After validating the information provided, you will get an overview of offers from car rental companies. You thus have the support you need to choose the formula that best suits your needs, whether it concerns price or services.

For example, you will find relevant information about a car rental company on this page, with a variety of vehicles for rent throughout France. This is Ada, the leader in car rental in France and in the DOM-TOMs (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, etc.). With more than 1,000 branches, this company offers individuals and professionals discounted rates and customized services: unlimited mileage, new vehicle, “one-way” formula, GPS, 24-hour assistance, smartphone booking, etc.

Rent a car for long periods

If you are wondering why rent a car for the holidays, know that this solution allows you to extend your stay and cover the desired distances as you see fit. You get a more favorable price, as the rental companies offer reduced prices to customers whose journey extends over several weeks.

This offer also takes into account unlimited mileage which allows you to ride without paying fines related to the distance restriction. We therefore advise you to avoid rental companies offering a mileage package. This offer is neither economical nor suitable for a longer stay.

Avoid renting at airports

Car hire tends to be more expensive at airports than in the city centre. This price increase can also be observed at the station and in all places welcoming tourists. If you are going on holiday to a foreign city, avoid renting a car in airport areas.

Check with the locals or on the internet to target a French car rental agency whose deals meet your needs. This last option is the best, as it allows you to directly consult the prices and services included in each offer.

Choose a smaller car

If you are traveling alone or as a couple, we advise you to do so rent a small car. You will not only have the necessary space to store your luggage, but you will also save on the rental price and on the fuel budget.

Compared to large vehicles, small cars such as city cars and mini-convertibles make it easier to navigate around town while using less fuel, resulting in savings. As a result, they are ideal for holidaymakers who wish to spend an extended stay or travel long distances. We therefore advise against renting spacious vehicles such as SUVs, minivans and minibuses if you do not need extra storage space for your trip.

Avoid unnecessary supplements

To reduce the price of car rental for holidays, one of the best solutions is to avoid unnecessary optionss as extra insurance for your, a GPS or delivery of a car seat for your child. If you have the above accessories, do not hesitate to use them for your rented car.

In addition, you must give up the idea of ​​having the car delivered to your home or to the hotel where you are staying. Instead of this payment option, you need to take public transport, which is certainly profitable, but much more affordable, and get closer to the nearest rental agency to conduct negotiations.

Make sure to respect the terms of the rental contract by returning the car at the specified time and in good condition. In case of non-compliance with these conditions, you will have to pay fines, which are quite expensive.

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