Can MultiVersus become the Fortnite of fighting games?

Game news Can MultiVersus become the Fortnite of fighting games?

MultiVersus is the current flagship, available for free in open beta, and one wonders how far it can go.

Ultra cartoony aesthetic, free-to-play economic model, already iconic characters, season system and Battle Pass… MultiVersus seems to have the cards in hand to perhaps establish itself as a phenomenon with big events like a Fortnite. Could the battle arenas in the Warner game one day host Ariana Grande concerts in the background?

Star ratings

With its theme park music and welcoming aura, MultiVersus strives to provide a mainstream experience. From the opening we are asked if we are under or over twenty-two. For now, we note that a free rotation of the characters is in place. Wonder Woman is unlocked by completing the tutorial, while four other cult characters are available for free: Superman, Finn, Garnet and Chien-Redeer. Every week on Tuesday, four more different fighters will be temporarily unlocked for free for all players. What to keep the interest in place. The passage in open beta of the game is accompanied by the arrival of a new star playable character: the big name of the NBA LeBron James, who is already seducing a lot of people. Why him? Well, simply because he is on the movie poster Space Jam: A New Legacy. One look at Warner’s gigantic legacy is therefore enough to imagine an endless cloud of possibilities in terms of playable characters. Some of the stars that Epic welcomes as a partnership are already in the Warner house, so there’s no need to look far.

The basketball player will certainly not be the last to fill the list of fighters: recently, many leaks also evoke the arrival of characters such as Joker, Godzilla or Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. The guest list is as enticing as a Hollywood list of Fortnite, which has just welcomed John Cena. But here it’s obviously not just about skins, there’s a bit more: Since this is a fighting game, each character has attacks and “moves” that are specifically designed for this purpose. Sammy heals. Wonder, Woman saves from ejection with her whip, Batman hides his allies in the smoke, etc. For the sequel, Morty (from Rick & Morty) comes on August 9, when the first season of the game launches, while Rick waits until August 23.

An already resounding success

With its free-to-play formula, Multiversus has already attracted a lot of people. Its full release isn’t scheduled for later this year, but the game is already a huge success, as evidenced by the results of its closed beta: a peak of 62,433 concurrent players was noted by the SteamDB database. This is still the highest number of players reached by a fighting game in the history of the Valve platform, ahead of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat 11 and Brawlhalla. The arrival is already historic, and we can easily bet that the card is only at its beginning.

Launched yesterday in open beta, the title did not miss its appointment and literally broke its own record: Still according to SteamDB, 144,456 players logged in simultaneously last night, eclipsing all other fighting games on Valve’s platform.

A popular model

In practice, Multiversus hopes to roughly follow in the footsteps of the Super Smash Bros. saga. To put it simply, multiple players compete in an enclosed 2D arena where it will be a matter of pushing the other fighters out of it by dealing damage to them. The higher the damage meter, the easier the ejection will be to achieve. The gameplay, the progression system and the nervousness of the matches seem to appeal particularly to the players. Plus, the idea of ​​seeing Sammy from Scooby-Doo and Wonder Woman crumble is still incredible. By earning XP, each fighter unlocks various items and especially Assets, passive bonuses that improve attributes with the risk of creating imbalance. And if the game manages to renew itself in the long term, it only bodes well.

Can MultiVersus become the Fortnite of fighting games?

The heart of the title’s economic model lies in a Battle Pass consisting of “seasonal levels”, a principle reminiscent of the free-to-play already in vogue.. It is available in two versions, one free and the other Premium, therefore you pay. Finally, who knows what events can cover the different arenas of the game, currently there are 6: the Batcave, the haunted mansion of Scooby-Doo, the ROOM of trophies, the laboratory and finally the treehouse. The game modes offered are quite classic nowadays: 1v1 and Everyone For Self as well as 2v2 and Coop vs AI. Let’s wait and see how they develop in the future. In short, if MultiVersus may have trouble beating the technicality of a Super Smash Bros., it has all the ingredients in hand to fit into the register of free-to-play major events.

The full release of MultiVersus is scheduled for 2022 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox ONE.

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