At the wheel of a car, only nine years old, thefts galore, they refuse to pay the bill on the Nevers beach… in short, the various facts about Nièvre

The firemen and the police intervened at the impasse Charles-Denti in Nevers, on Friday, July 29, shortly before 10:00 p.m., for strange smoke coming from private land. At the scene, it turned out that the owner of the premises was burning garbage. The firemen quickly extinguished the fire, and the police called this Neversois to order.

The car is on fire

Rue de l’Éperon in Nevers, firefighters intervened, on Saturday, July 30, around 11:00 p.m., for a vehicle that was almost on fire. The fire was quickly brought under control and the police could not see any presence on the street near the vehicle.

Drugs are not very well hidden

On Friday, July 29, shortly after 7:00 p.m., the police noticed several young people gathered in the Roger-Salengro Park in Nevers, and one of them hid something in his bag. At the check, the latter handed over 39.2 g of cannabis resin.

It was then the driver – a minor – of a two-wheeler who was checked while talking on the phone while riding his scooter on the Loire bridge, on Sunday, July 31 at around 15, who gave drugs to the police. He hid two bags in his hand: one with 3.3g of cannabis and the other with 2g of resin.

premium Nine months in prison for “a confusing chase” from Nevers to Gimouille

Sitting at nine o’clock they refuse to pay the bill

The manager of the Nevers Plage pub had no choice but to call the police on Saturday 30 July at around 10.10pm when a table of nine people refused to pay the bill. Once the police were there, they were more cooperative.

He drives without a license or insurance

A driver was checked for a traffic offense on Saturday, July 30, shortly after 4:00 p.m., rue Saint-Martin in Nevers. The police’s ability to find that this person had been driving without insurance for three years, with the MOT exceeded, and while only applying for a driver’s license. The vehicle was immediately stopped.

Arrested at the wheel… just nine years old!

Friday July 29, shortly before one o’clock in the morning, the police check a car, rue de Charleville in Nevers, arrested by the young appearance of the driver. This one presents valid insurance, a gray card in his brother’s name… only problem: the driver is actually nine years old! He was returned to his family and the case is ongoing.

A pedestrian collapsed in Nevers

A woman was hit by a car in Nevers shortly after 10 o’clock on Thursday 28 July. She suffered minor injuries to her arm and a bump on her head and was therefore taken to hospital by the firemen.

More flights

Rue Henri-Bachelin, in Nevers, a house was broken into after the door was forced open. All rooms have been visited and if the inventory is yet to be made, a check book was missing on Thursday 28 July at the first observations.

A scooter was also stolen, behind the sports hall in Nevers, on the evening of Saturday 30 July to Sunday 31 July.

At H&M in Nevers, it was the manager who called the police after a woman tried to take six items in her bag, all worth €52.94.

In Clamecy, 80 pallets of wood were stolen from a warehouse on Saturday 30 July.

In Varzy, a house was robbed on Saturday, July 30, and jewelry was taken.

In the premises of Restos du Coeur, in Sermoise-sur-Loire, it is the air conditioning that disappeared, as well as alcohol and coffee, on the night between Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July.

That same night, a barn in Varennes-Vauzelles was visited. Do-it-yourself equipment was taken: a lawnmower, a pitchfork, two grinders and a chainsaw.

Marie Lemaitre

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