Anker’s new GaNPrime 65W USB-C portable battery is the Swiss army knife of chargers

Anker’s latest releases go beyond the usual iPhone-centric designs we’re used to, offering even more capable form factors supported by the latest GaNPrime charging technology. Its new 65W PowerCore takes things a step further by offering USB-C charging speeds as well as an internal portable battery for recharging gear at home or on the go. But does this versatility justify the price?

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Anker GaNPrime PowerCore 65W charger Hands-on overview

To top it off last month, Anker launched a brand new collection of charging accessories. Offering some of the most powerful options to date, the new GaNPrime line offers six versatile new multiport offerings, all supported by the latest USB-C technologies.

These new chargers break the mold of being a typical wall adapter by switching to a 2-in-1 design. Centered around an internal battery, the same GaNPrime charging technology provides 65W 10,000mAh PowerCore power in a portable form factor design. But if this hybrid design is worth it $99.99 price is the real question and we dive deeper.

Here is an overview of the data sheet:

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds with a 65W hybrid wall charger and a 10,000 mAh portable charger in one.
  • With 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port, you can easily charge up to 3 devices at once.
  • The portable charger features Anker’s most advanced GaN-powered charging system, innovative stacked design, PowerIQ 4.0 for greater efficiency and ActiveShield 2.0 for intelligent temperature monitoring.

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Many of Anker’s portable offerings of late have been of the MagSafe variety, so when I saw that the new GaNPrime line marked a return to more capable form factors, I eagerly awaited to get my hands on the new hybrid charger. I’ve been able to play with the GaNPrime PowerCore 65W for the past few days and have already found it to be a versatile and feature-rich charger.

Right out of the box, the new GaNPrime PowerCore 65W has the same premium build quality as the rest of Anker’s new lineup we reviewed on launch day. The case consists of a grippy plastic paired with faux metal panels that seek to elevate the look; it’s not the most premium exterior, but it should be able to withstand being thrown in your bag and the like in the future. And after all, you’re paying for the charging technology that sits inside a nice coat of paint on the outside.

As for the actual charging technology, Anker is packing its new GaNPrime power this time around. Like the series as a whole, this new technology comes as an alternative to the competing GaN III specification with many of the same features. Although the brand is adding additional features that help regulate temperatures, prioritize which charging devices need it most, and more.

Specifically for the GaNPrime PowerCore 65W, Anker offers a 3-port design capable of delivering 65W of power at a time. That’s enough juice to power your MacBook on the go, especially if it’s a 13-inch variant of the M1 or M2 machines, as well as supplementing an iPhone and AirPods.

Sure, three ports might not be the most either, but it’s certainly enough for the use case Anker is looking for here. This isn’t a charger that can handle every app thrown its way, but more of a Swiss army knife that can do a lot while taking up relatively little space in your bag.

The internal battery, which allows you to carry the typical wall charging options, especially leans on this flexibility. All of GaNPrime’s features are centered around an internal 10,000 mAh battery that can provide more than enough power to charge smartphones and the like multiple times, as well as charge more power-hungry gadgets like MacBooks and the like.

And when it’s time to recharge, there’s a typical socket built into the back. This will not only supplement the internal battery but also provide direct charging to your devices at the same time. It’s a nice feature to see included, as many of the more affordable options that share the same form factor as Anker’s latest only allow you to charge your smartphone or the portable battery itself – not both at the same time.

It all adds up to delivering what Anker itself calls the best of both worlds, at least in terms of the charger market. And I honestly have to agree that the GaNPrime PowerCore 65W charger offers both home and portable functionality. While other multi-device chargers help you cut down on building in your EDC or on your nightstand, Anker’s latest achieves both and manages to do both equally well. There are very few compromises to be found, which largely justifies $100 price tag.

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