Metaverse’s first commercial featuring Keke Palmer is online, and it’s very embarrassing

that metaverse now have one official announcement created by the company meta, new group name Facebook made by Mark Zuckerberg. This is supposed to reveal all the possibilities that this new one offers virtual world, but at first glance the goal does not appear to be a complete success. Explanations.

Facebook: Toward the Metaverse and Beyond

If you’re not up to date on the latest tech fads, you probably don’t know what the metaverse is. This is’a virtual world that can be visited through the same virtual reality headsets used for video games. The promises of those who defend this project is to be able to do globally everything that is possible to do in real life, but online, like a video game. Second Life. Not everything works perfectly yet, but in general it is possible to conceptualize a metaverse as a virtual world where anyone can come, settle and communicate with other users via the Internet. And if it’s still unclear to you, that’s a good thing, because the company Meta (new name on Facebook, known for the occasion) just made an ad to explain it.

The ad in question began to circulate on American Youtube from July 26. At 8 minutes and 42 seconds, it must promote the activities of the metaverse, its function and its promises, but above all, it seems lunar in its form. We find the actress and R&B singer Keke Palmer as well as Vishal Shahthat “Vice President of Metaverse” by Meta, speaking in a car in a straight line punctuated by small passages with virtual avatars to emphasize the words. If the aesthetic is already visually confusing, the words are also unconvincing. It’s abouta simple exchange with Keke asking questions like whether the metaverse will allow him to bungee jump his grandmother, visit human colonies on Mars, or even meet his favorite band while rebuilding the Titanic and pass him past the iceberg that would have caused the death of more than 1500 people while shouting “NOT THIS TIME!”

Meta: an appeal to investors

By hammering home his point quite often, Meta wants to make it clear “experience” is the code word of the metaversewho promise to experience as many things as possible in the virtual world before making them happen in the real world. “We will be able to see things around us, we will be able to touch these things” list the actors for the commercial, especially throughout the clip “Now, Future, Never“, can be translated as “now, later, never”. Advertising is also not happening by chance, as Meta very recently published its financial results, and they are starting to sour for the company. For the first time since its 2012 IPO, ex-Facebook is facing a decline in revenue as Meta’s quarterly revenue, normally at $28.8 billion, fell 1% from a year earlier.

If you liked this commercial, know that there will be others as it is part of the first episode of the “metaverse 101” series. Virtual worlds are still very much limited to the field of entertainment today. The rare forays outside the entertainment realm of the Metaverse have not been particularly successful. In France, we can take the company as an example Carrefour, who did job interviews in virtual reality before facing a violent backlash from the workers’ defense society. We can also note that these projects are also very often linked to markets virtual currencies and NFTstwo areas that are only useful for generating speculation and whose market balance remains very uncertain.

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