6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

Game news 6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

It is obvious that as a player you must have your favorite boss. That victory was clinched after hours of training, that its design is memorable, or that it marks the culmination of an unforgettable adventure, the reasons are many! But today we will focus on the most original games from the Super Nintendo. Ready? Let’s go !

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

While the excellent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge has just been released, here’s a small step back in time – and it’s fair to say so – with Turtles in Time, the Super Nintendo installment of the famous quartet. As often with the series, here we are in the presence of a beat’em up, where the heroes advance from left to right and have to face many enemies. But that doesn’t stop Konami’s games from playing with perspectives! As, for example, during a clash against the infamous Shredder – shortly after the opening of the adventure. As this one first looks at you from the back of the stage and threatens to turn you into turtle soup, the image slides to the right and the villain is in the foreground ! In reality, the entire match will therefore take place from this perspective. A good idea for staging.

Super Mario World 2

6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

As long as we are talking about perspective, you should know that the Super Nintendo has had a field day in this area, especially thanks to the famous Mode 7. It is a graphics mode that gives the illusion of 3D using 2D models. A technique that is exploited at full speed on F-Zero or Super Mario Kart. But it is sometimes subject to surprising use, like for the final boss of Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island. Since the player is piloting Baby Mario here, it’s Baby Bowser that needs to be stopped. After a more than easy first phase, the Kamek magic gives the reptile an unreasonable size. First at the back of the stage, the animal will keep approaching. Your mission: to swing eggs at him when his mouth is open – all against the backdrop of twilight. An unforgettable ending to one of the best platformers!

Donkey Kong land

6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

We stay on the planet Nintendo, but with another animal: the famous Donkey Kong, and more precisely in the incredible platform game Donkey Kong Country. It’s simple, it’s a monument of its kind. So of course, for such a particular game, there had to be a surprise for the final boss. The final battle takes place against the terrible King K. Rool, who took the liberty of stealing all the bananas on the island. The stage first takes place in a fairly classic way: avoid the crocodile’s crown and then the cannonballs that fall from the sky. And after a few head jumps, it’s victory, the end credits arrive! Really? As the text panel ends a mysterious “The End?”, King K. Rool wakes up and it becomes necessary to teach him one last lesson to get him out of danger. The fake credit trick!


6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

If you’re not familiar with “Earthbound,” it’s a Japanese role-playing game that features the caped hero Ness, also known in Super Smash Bros. A software whose originality must take place in a contemporary era. But when a comet falls near the town of Onett, the boy is given a mission: to stop Giygas, the “Universal Destroyer”, who is about to destroy the world in ten years. That’s good, because this is exactly the fight we wanted to talk to you about. After an entire adventure, here you are, facing this absolutely terrifying creature. The boss takes shapea face broken by reddish lines, psychedelic, continues to warp as the match progresses. Of course, the utterly disturbing soundscape helps make this moment a highlight. A truly special stage of action!

Super Probotector / Contra III

6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

To continue with universes | ever weirder bosses, here comes Super Probotector better known as Contra III Alien Wars. You’re probably familiar with this run and gun series – basically a beat’em up with firearms – published and developed by Konami. In this third episode, in the year 2636, Earth is subject to a massive alien invasion. To stop them, humans (or robots in the censored version of the title) are sent to the front to fight them. Given the title of the episode, it’s certain you’ll encounter some hellish monsters. There is one in particular that has impressed the fans, the first boss, Alien Tortoise. You have to say that the animal has an unattractive design, in addition to waddling nonstop and sending caterpillars to attack. A great introduction that players are not ready to forget.

Super Metroid

6 Most Original Super Nintendo Bosses!

To end on a high note, here is arguably one of the most striking creatures from the Super Nintendo. This is found in Super Metroid, and of course it is the final boss: the famous “Mother Brain”. If you have never heard of it, you should know that it is a very large brain that the heroine Samus must destroy. So in the beginning everything goes smoothly: the gray matter wisely stays in its tank and pays the price for your missiles. When suddenly, the lab begins to collapse and Mother Brain rises thanks to a body made of organic matter and metal. For once, it’s the staging, the design, that makes this boss really special. At the time, no one expected such a transformation. Yet another reason that has made Metroid one of Nintendo’s favorite – and most surprising – licenses. A cult moment.

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