Summer 2022: three items you NEVER leave in your car in case of hot weather!

You obviously didn’t miss it, it’s been hot in France the last few days. Summer still has some strong heat in store for us, not to mention a heat wave. But apart from the fact that it is of course advisable to take care of yourself, drink plenty of water and avoid the sun, it is also advisable not to leave certain items in your car. We tell you which ones!

Objects that explode due to heat

Do not underestimate the power of the sun’s rays, especially in hot weather. In your car, especially if it is not in the shade, temperatures can rise very quickly… and exceed 40 degrees. Therefore, it is simply forbidden to leave your dog in your car, even just for a few minutes. The latter will probably suffer very logically from the heat and may die from it. Every year we see horrific pictures of dehydrated dogs after spending just a few minutes in a car in the sun. Protect your animals and be aware.

We’re stating the obvious by telling you not to leave your pets in the car, but it bears repeating. On the other hand, you may not realize that certain items above all should not be left in direct sunlight in your car. This can even be dangerous. We think of deodorant, for example. We’re not talking about roll-on deodorants. You risk nothing with these. On the other hand, if you have an aerosol, above all, don’t forget it in your car. Quite simply because the heat increases the pressure. This can cause the bottle to explode. If you are in the vehicle, it is dangerous for you, but also for others if you drive. If you can’t help it, put the deodorant in the trunk. It is not directly affected by the sun’s rays.

Other things not to forget

Two other objects deserve your attention. First the lighters. The reasons are largely the same. From the heat, they can explode, especially if exposed to direct sunlight. The risk of fire increases if a lighter is left in a car parked in direct sunlight. Always take your lighter with you, e.g. in your bag, so as not to take risks. To avoid causing a fire, take your glasses as well. Not that these will explode, but when the sun passes through the glasses, the risk of fire is real.

Finally, don’t leave cans in your car. Initially, if you want to drink and quench your thirst, we recommend water and not sugary soda. For your health, you prefer bottled water. Why ? Because it is less dangerous than cans. In hot weather these can explode. Of course, you don’t risk being the cause of a fire. But you can get soda everywhere. And if you drive, it can be dangerous.

Does the heat wave come back every summer?

That is the big question. Due to global warming, winters are becoming less and less cold and summers are becoming warmer. Some members of the government have already started saying that the French need to get used to it. But shouldn’t we act instead of suffer? We are aware of the impact of human activity on the planet. It is high time to make the right decisions. The decisions that prevent the largest multinational corporations from polluting as much as billions of people. Or wealthy businessmen to use private jets every day.

The Hummingbird Theory is beautiful in itself. But ineffective. It is not the French who are to blame, but these big polluting groups, to whom successive governments say nothing, no doubt because of important economic interests. But in the meantime, the planet is slowly dying. But this is our only home. The end of the human species could have begun without the most powerful really caring, contrary to what they say.

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