Recharge your electric car in Dieppe

Tourists are already benefiting from the installation of these new terminals in the urban area
Dieppe. (© Philippe André)

The average weekly journey for a French person is 400 km. For this use, most electric vehicles are sufficient.

To Dieppe (Seine Maritime)retailers are responding to the new demand for electric vehicles.

Market players also point out that most owners of electric cars do not use charging stations for their daily trips. They prefer home charging, which allows them to recover 200 km of autonomy every night, on an outlet. 220V. We’re even told that a full refill at home costs €10 for the largest capacity vehicles.

It therefore seems that for daily use and in the case where the owner of an electric vehicle is lucky enough to have electrified parking at his home, the current infrastructure is sufficient.

Unique journeys

When the autonomy of electric cars is emphasized by some users, the first argument that comes to mind is the argument about the necessary autonomy. In fact, 80% of the French travel less than 100 km a day. The autonomy of an electric vehicle, generally between 100 and 500 km, thus appears to be in line with the use of a vehicle in France.

But when going on holiday, the figures for the summer of 2019 show that the French mainly travel by car more than 200 km to get to their resorts, for 90% of them . For 47% of the French, these trips are even more than 500 km.

In the electric car market, there are currently very few cars that can cover this distance in one go. For those who manage to cover this distance, it is a vehicle with large batteries, more than 50 kW/h, which require longer charging times or more efficient terminals. Not only are these vehicles rare, but they are also very expensive. In fact, they are meant to be company cars.

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Infrastructure adaptation

In Dieppe, high-capacity charging stations, superchargers, start being deployed. “In the company we already sold different fuels and it seemed logical for us to diversify our offer by offering compressors”, explains Marchand companies in Dieppe.

These superchargers have, in the case of the Marchand companies, a capacity of “120 kW, which allows an 80% recharge in less than 30 minutes”, for vehicles with fairly new battery technology.

There are also chargers of this capacity in the car park littleofIntermarché and D’Auchan in Dieppe.

For Intermarché, the charger has also become “an essential concept in the same way as the blue card in the 80s”, for the management of Intermarché de Rouxmesnil. The goal is “to offer an extra service to the customer and not the search for profit. »

This is also why the store has not invested in equity in this installation of two fast charging terminals and a final normal 22 kW one.
It was a year ago that the management of Intermarché made the decision to install a terminal.

“We could take advantage of the target plan for 100,000 charging stations,” management explains. It was then chosen to use an external service provider, power box.
The interest of the store here is not to worry about the maintenance of the terminals, but also about their updates. On the other hand, Intermarché does not get anything for charging and the Power Box pays for the use of electricity, but the location is made available.

“It was important to offer this service as summer approaches, tourists can take advantage of it and have the vehicles for which these terminals are intended,” says the store.
But, and the management insists on this point, these terminals must also greatly benefit the residents of Dieppe, who, like everywhere, are more and more likely to take the step to go electric.

Auchan, on the other hand, has a terminal of 50 kW and one of 43 kW.

However, the major players in the segment have no plans to city ​​of Ango for the moment: “We have no immediate plans”, explains ionicity. “We have our network of superchargers near the highway networks, which is why Tesla has a charging station in Rouen,” adds Tesla France.

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