How to permanently block very intrusive cold calling!

Sometimes there are many calls a day. You don’t know the number, but you answer. You never know. It can be important. Failed, it’s a simple call. And even if you decide to hang up directly, it bothers you. So how do you stop receiving these kinds of calls?

Perfect apps to put an end to cold calling

The first application is called Call blocker. It is available on Android phones and iPhones. How does it work? Thanks to a large database containing most call center numbers. It is thus possible thanks to it to block all the calls they come from. On the other hand, although you will no longer be disturbed by these incessant calls, the application is not free. You have to pay 2.50 euros per month to benefit from it. On the other hand, there is another solution via another application, this time for free.

We are now talking about the True Caller application. It works the same way, except it doesn’t cost you anything per month. However, these applications are not perfect. Some call centers are very powerful and have random phone number generators. Sometimes these are not in the application databases. Sometimes they call you with a fake number. A number appears, but it is not with the latter, he contacts you. This allows them to bypass this type of blocking.

There is an extreme solution, but it is not ideal: block all calls from numbers not in your contacts. Not a great idea as you may receive important calls from unknown numbers. Note that some devices directly indicate whether calls are spam or not. We think of the Xiaomi brand. In the event of a suspicious call, the phone notifies you directly.

Is cold calling really more regulated?

As you well know, cold calling can turn into real harassment. Especially when it comes to scams, like CPF scams. To limit this and clarify the situation, the government validated a decree in January 2022. This text should indicate new guidelines to be followed.

Thanks to this decree, case managers will have to ask for your consent to continue the discussion. If you refuse, they must hang up and above all agree not to contact you in the future. But this especially affects the French marketers who do this as part of their work. Not really the scams that are numerous. We are talking about phishing. People pretend to be an official organization to get your personal information.

Since April 1, when the decree was implemented, there has been no improvement. The author of his lines can testify to this, as he sometimes receives up to a dozen calls a day. Much must be done to protect citizens from these solicitations.

Beware of scams

The big problem with cold calling is the scams behind it. They are many and different. And although most consumers are aware of their existence, others can be easily fooled. We are generally talking about scams related to CPF as they are currently extremely numerous. The scammers’ goal is simply to drain your CPF account by accessing your personal information.

It is therefore important to warn your loved ones so that they are not fooled if they are ever unaware of this process. Phishing is a technique that is as simple as it is effective. Hundreds of thousands of people are fooled every year. Now is the time for prevention.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. The most effective technique to avoid being scammed is to simply not pick up the phone as soon as an unknown number calls you. Scam call centers do not leave voicemails. If it’s important, the person on the other end of the line will tell you who they are via voicemail. And you can call her back if necessary.

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