Believe. “Supersonic” descends from the moon to restore harmony to Earth

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With his band “Supersonic”, Thomas de Pourquery, an iconoclastic jazzman, takes advantage of his recent return from the moon to sprinkle stars on the audience present at the closing concert of Jazz à Foix 2022. Meeting of the fourth kind!

“Back to the Moon”, is this your postcard to Earthlings?

Yes (laughs)! The moon is one of our pied-à-terres, but we don’t have time to recharge our batteries there more than two or three times a year. It helps us to step back, to look at our planet, our galaxy in the midst of billions of galaxies… We are individually a grain of sand in the universe. This awareness is good. And no matter where we come from, no matter our history, we live from this abundance.

How do you approach your performance in the small “open-air cabaret” that Jazz à Foix represents?

We play the same way on any type of stage, in front of intimate or prestigious audiences. Deeply humanists, we love all beings and all places, not in spite of, but thanks to, their singularities.

More than a band, “Supersonic” is a universe in itself!

It is the universe in the literal sense that created everything on earth… so it created our group. We were brought together by the stars, fate, life! We were supposed to meet 10 years ago and it was an extraordinary moment. We all cried the first time we played together, the chemistry between us was so miraculous. Since then, we have been working on our work, thanks to this gift, which we revel in album after album.

So you defend your latest baby, “Back to the Moon.”

It was designed both as space travel and the craft that allowed us to do that. It is on this essential principle that I built this board. In a ship, every element is crucial, just like the members of “Supersonic”! On the moon we have a hectare of microscopic observation of our entire universe, of life, of what we feel. It is this unspeakable that is expressed through the musical waves.

You think that music is used to talk to people.

Exactly, it provides moments of peace that we appropriate to find our balance and awaken the wondrous that lies dormant within us. Music is the most beautiful weapon to remain in admiration at all costs, in the light, far from poisonous waves. It is a battle that we must fight with and against ourselves. Every morning you must take yourself on your own shoulders, say to yourself “We must go!”. I have this awareness, this absolute will to transmit this feeling exclusively. It is the baggage that makes it possible to endure the sometimes difficult life.

Do you need to take your property urgently?

But it is important! Our duty as people and artists is to work more and more clearly and intensely, not to give up to those who prevent others from being happy. It is not in this sense that the universe works, and it is in this that music is something sacred!

What does closing this festival mean to you?

We give the same energy wherever we are at a festival… But maybe for the people who attended the whole event, something special happens that night. It is a great pleasure to be there, and a special mark of respect from the Jazz à Foix team, to make us the little icing on a very beautiful cake.

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The artist is also committed and wants to fight against everything that makes society go backwards: “I think the situation in the United States is scary: the repeal of the abortion law upsets me. I am very committed to this being corrected the French constitution In fact, the real problem lies in the fact that people are terrorized by their own persons and want to prohibit others from disposing of their bodies… Of their very lives, which is the case of migrants who risk their daily in the most cases. total societal indifference. For me, we need to help people to be curious. Because ignorance about themselves and others is a real plague! I would say that the fascists especially need to be taken by the hand, to meet, to understand each other even We have no right to remain silent in the face of all these ideas which cause society to regress, insidiously and pettyly.”

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