5 ideas to keep children occupied in the car

Are you ready to hit the road with your family for a weekend or summer vacation? Here are some tips, tricks and ideas to keep young and old busy during long car journeys.

How do you cope with long car journeys with children?

During a car trip, the time can sometimes be long for children. To avoid the inevitable question: “When will we arrive?“, You are welcome to Be creative and schedule regular breaks, in addition to statutory safety breaks of course. Take advantage of these privileged moments with your children to recover with a small gourmet snack, to walk and sunbathe. Before departure, see which motorway areas on your route are child-friendly : some have small parks with structures such as slides, swings or a small football field, and others, generally during peak times such as crossovers in July/August, even offer workshops with reading materials or a visit to a small farm created especially for the occasion. Furthermore, to optimize a long car trip with your children, don’t hesitate to make one list of everything you need for a comfortable trip. For example, remember to bring pillows and small blankets that you can give your children in case of slightly cold temperatures or if you choose to switch on the air conditioning. Also, plan to have a bag near you with bottles of water, snacks, and medicine for motion sickness and other minor ailments. finally, the vomit bag, as well as a change, will not be too much.

1- Invent playful and fun games

Implies fun little games everyone, your kids will love it. take turns to find names of animals or countries with different letters of the alphabet is ideal, a bit like the Petit Bac game! Riddles can also help you pass the time in a good mood, alternating between questions that they will find the answer to easily and others that will give them real glue. You can also have fun citing everything you see around you during the trip: a windmill, a caravan, a speed limit sign… Enough to make them aware and patient during the trip!

2 – Watch a cartoon, listen to a podcast

It is sometimes difficult to channel the little ones’ attention during a long car ride. Between two breaks where they can use their energy, you can exceptionally be more lenient in terms of the screen time children get. Whether they each have their own phone to play their own apps, or a tablet to watch a movie together, give them a long digital break just to take them in quietly and that you also use your site on a calm trip. If your kids suffer from screen motion sickness, consider audio stories. On all listening platforms you will find podcasts for download, on a multitude of themes, dedicated to a young audience.

3 – Take nomad toys with you in the car

Many brands have provided magnetic games that are perfectly suited to occupy children during long car rides. Whether it’s a board game like checkers or small horses, these small-format models have the advantage of not letting the pawns escape, and can easily be taken with you anywhere.

4 – Jokes, charades and riddles to make the car journey more fun

Before you go on vacation, remember to print out some funny jokes and riddles that will allow you to have a fun and entertaining time with the children. Since we tend to never remember the jokes that make us die of laughter, Hugo the snail offers a selection of the best jokes, including Carambar jokes, for you to tell your kids. Without forgetting the riddles and charades, which will have the advantage of making you pass the time until the next highway air!

5 – Organize a musical blind test

Depending on the age of your children, you can play their favorite music or prepare a playlist of the best artists of the moment in advance by asking them to find the name of the singer as well as the title of the song as quickly as possible. You can organize thematic blind tests, on the most beautiful songs from movies or cartoons, or on the most famous singers making the news. And why not play as a team?

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