Which 50cc equivalent electric scooter should I buy in 2022?

50cc equivalent electric scooters that can be ridden with only one BSR are numerous (Pup Soco, Askoll, Unu, LVN), but their quality and price vary enormously depending on their origin, their finish, their performance. To help you choose the model that suits you best, the editors at Numerama have created a complete guide, completely independently.

There are many electric scooters that top out at 45 km/h on the market and on French roads. Five years ago, only a few models shared this brand new market. In 2022, competition is fierce and manufacturers are multiplying. In order to stand out, each manufacturer presents and negotiates an asset: it is generally the appearance, the autonomy, the engine power or the price.

Only a few two-wheelers manage to achieve the best score on all these tables. It will be up to you to carefully analyze your needs to understand which features are most important to you and which you are ready or willing to compromise on.

Today, the 125 equivalent electric scooters are also numerous: we have therefore reserved a separate guide for them, for those who prefer speed and have a larger budget to put into a new vehicle. Numerama also has a guide to the best electric scooters to buy in 2022, regardless of speed.

In addition to our tests, we recommend that you book an appointment in the store to carry out a test on the road, under real conditions, to see if the product meets your expectations.

Here are the 50 best equivalent electric scooters to buy in 2020.

The best value for money: Super Soco Cu-x

Super Soco Cu-x (our test) has been our favorite since 2020! The Chinese brand has also won us over with its TC Max 125 equivalent motorcycle. Small and very handy, light but solid, it has many qualities that make it the best electric urban scooter on the market at the moment, among those we have tested. In addition, its appearance is slightly different from the “big round headlights” that we see everywhere, which makes it more original.

The 60-70km range is good for a scooter that only has a single removable battery, although rivals with two batteries rush to the gate – the 8-hour charge is also a bit long. Acceleration is enough to not feel in danger at traffic lights, and the battery has the good taste of being comfortable to wear thanks to its more horizontal weight distribution. The ability to unleash it at 70 km/h to drive on the track is also a plus.

Unfortunately, the prices have exploded: it is now 3,179 euros instead of the previous 2,700 euros. However, it remains a very good two-wheeler at this price.

highest speed : 50 km/h

Autonomy : 60-70 km

Full recharge : 8 hours

Rear seat passenger : Yes

NIU M+ (MQI+): the good other

The Niu M+ // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

The Niu M+ scooter, or rather now its equivalent, MQI+ Sport, is everywhere: it is one of the most popular models from the Chinese manufacturer, together with the NGT+ (capable of exceeding 70 km/h). Here it is a 50cc equivalent that does not go faster than the maximum permitted speed in the city. In addition to being stylish, it is light (max 65 km). Its battery is slightly heavier than that of the Super Soco Cu-x (and the weight is distributed vertically), but the new MQI+ model allows up to 90 km of autonomy in sport mode.

The seat, on the other hand, is curlier than the competition (your knees will be quite high) and the rear wheel tends to skid in case of very sharp braking. It is found from 2,899 euros.

highest speed : 48-49 km/h

Autonomy : 95 km advertised

Full recharge : 6 hours

Rear seat passenger : Yes

The king of autonomy

LVE S5: is the autonomy worth the price?

Which 50cc equivalent electric scooter should I buy in 2022?

Let’s get straight to the point: the LVNENG S5 is expensive. For a 50 cc equivalent, it comes close to 4,700 euros, which is almost double what is on the market. The reason lies in its two light batteries (5 kg each), which allow it to cover almost 140 km on a single charge, and therefore make it very interesting for those who travel a lot every day, such as delivery men and women.

In terms of style, the LVNEN S5 (which we tested for several days) has the advantage of daring the square headlight instead of the usual roundness of its competitors and benefits from a very reassuring braking system. With its 3000W motor, its power will allow it to support greater weights than other lighter 50cc equivalent scooters on the market.

highest speed : 50 km/h

Autonomy : 120 km advertised with two batteries

Full recharge : 6 hours

Rear seat passenger : Yes


Niu UQI GT Pro: a gentle creature in a rough body

Which 50cc equivalent electric scooter should I buy in 2022?

If you don’t like the look of it, don’t even go near it. The UQI GT Pro is a scooter chosen above all for its originality, its fine and racy air, which gives a little vintage style to this electric scooter equivalent to 50, which is however quite modest.

For 2,799 euros, Niu’s latest 2020 model has performance below the M+ Sport from the same manufacturer: its range is low (max 55 km) and its acceleration is slow. This last characteristic can be seen as a defect as well as a quality for those who do not want to spin like the wind at every start, but to calm themselves and take their time. Good bonus: Niu UQI GT Pro is very comfortable and easy to handle.

highest speed : 50 km/h

Autonomy : 55 km

Full recharge : 9 hours

Rear seat passenger : Yes

The almost-Vespa, the 2Twenty Roma

Which 50cc equivalent electric scooter should I buy in 2022?

Dreaming of a Vespa but can’t afford Piaggio’s Elettrica at more than 6,000 euros? The French 2Twenty Roma will be able to do the trick if you are ready or willing to make some concessions. The first is about the size of the machine: where Vespas are known for being small and handy, the 2Twenty Roma takes up a lot of space and its body is quite wide at the front.

For 2,890 euros, the 50 cc-equivalent electric two-wheeler has solid arguments in its favor, such as being able to reach 100 km of autonomy with the two batteries (counting 795 euros more). These batteries, on the other hand, are located under the driver’s seat and do not benefit from the best tips, which makes handling sometimes difficult – however, it will take less than a minute.

highest speed : 50 km/h

Autonomy : 55 km per battery

Full recharge : 6 hours

Rear seat passenger : Yes

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How to choose an electric scooter?

There are several things to consider when choosing an electric scooter. The important thing is to identify your needs.

The appearance of the scooter

Appearance is the easiest component to take into account: it’s all about following your instincts. If you don’t like one scooter, switch to another. If you are into a scooter, on the other hand, this will not always be a sufficient guarantee. There are many electric scooters made from “molds” imported from China, whose appearance is almost the same while their price can vary greatly.

Top speed: equivalent to 50cc or 125cc?

There are three main categories of electric scooters available today on the French market: those that travel up to 45 km/h, those that reach 70 km/h and those that exceed 90 km/h. The maximum speed of a scooter will, as a rule, affect the price: a 50cc equivalent rarely costs more than 3,000 euros (otherwise there is an exceptional autonomy performance), while you will hardly find less than 4,000 euros for an electric scooter that can reach 90 km/h. Between the two are some models such as the Askoll eS3 or the Niu NQI GTS Sport, with their maximum 70 km/h and prices that are around 3,600 euros.

The autonomy of the scooter is crucial

The range varies greatly from scooter to scooter. This is the sinews of war when it comes to electric vehicles, because manufacturers are still dependent on research advances in more powerful batteries that will allow them to drive longer. Manufacturers therefore have to make a choice: One heavy battery or two light batteries? A removable battery or just recharging from the socket?

To find out what suits you best, think about where you will be leaving your scooter most of the time: do you live on the ground floor? Do you have an elevator? Do you have the possibility to connect your scooter outside?

If a scooter has a single battery and a long range (more than 70 km for a 125 for example), you can be sure that the battery weighs almost 20 kg: this must be taken into account if you have a long to walk by carrying a battery at arm’s length.

The engine power possibly

A vehicle’s engine power allows you to determine its power, which in particular affects its acceleration ability and its driving modes, but also gives you access to various government aids. The lower the engine power, the lower the financial support, but the lower the price of the scooter.

The higher the engine power, the more energy and strength your vehicle will have and the more expensive it will be; depending on your build and the options you expect from an electric two-wheel motor, it may be relevant to go from 2000 W to 3000 W power. On the other hand, you have the right to wonder if an electric scooter that does not exceed 45 km/h would really be useful with a motor power of 4000 W, when you can buy it cheaper with a power of only 2000 W or 3000W.

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