Which 125cc equivalent electric scooter should I buy in 2022?

125 equivalent electric scooters will increase in number by 2022, with vehicles that can reach up to 120 km/h. Autonomy, price, availability: what are the best fast electric scooters in France? Here’s everything you need to know about the hottest models available to buy from us right now.

Why trust us? At Vroom, the Numerama section related to electric mobility, we tested the majority of available two-wheelers with an emphasis on the driver’s experience.

Still think electric two-wheelers don’t go fast? Think again! There are more and more models of electric scooters that can easily reach 100 km/h, and some approach 120 without problems.

The era in which BMW’s C-Evolution reigned supreme is long gone: the market has expanded, new players are making their mark, and the options are ever greater. These versions are admittedly more expensive, but they can also last longer, often thanks to their larger batteries.

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BMW CE04 replaces C-Evolution // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

50 or 125: how to choose the right model of electric scooter?

There are several points to take into account when buying an electric scooter: the price, the autonomy, the number and weight of the batteries, but also the driving comfort. While 50cc equivalents generally have a lighter battery, 125s need more power and batteries can often exceed 15 pounds. To overcome this problem, some manufacturers are adopting, either by installing two blocks instead of one, or by developing the “battery case” concept, huge cubes that are impossible to carry by hand but easy to pull with wheels.

The 125 models will be more expensive than the 50, but they will allow you to travel further and further. Conversely, you may prefer a smaller, cheaper model that you will charge more often. Either way, we’ve ranked the best electric scooters of 2022 across all categories in this guide.

While there are a few French or Italian models, the majority of products available in the electric two-wheel ecosystem are still of Chinese origin, whether they are famous players like Niu or Super Soco, or French importers who use “forms » Imported similar.

In addition to our tests, we recommend that you book an appointment in the store to perform a test on the road, under real conditions, to see if the product meets your expectations.

Super Soco CPx: the best value for money

The sporty look of the new Super Soco CPX (which we tested), available since July 2020 in France, can be a foil for those who prefer more rounded curves and a less aggressive style. However, the performance of the equivalent 125 two-wheeler makes it one of the most complete on the market. The Super Soco CPx is a fast (90 km/h), agile and responsive electric scooter that can have an impressive range of 140 km when it has two batteries. Note that each battery is heavy (18 kg), but it is possible to recharge them one at a time.

highest speed : 90 km/h

Autonomy : 70 km (one battery) to 140 km (2 batteries)

Full recharge : 2.5 hours

Rear seat passenger : yes, plenty of space

Price : From 4,999 euros

The best battery life: Silence S01

The Silence S01 surprised everyone with its large 40 kg suitcase battery. It was predicted a modest future, and yet it is one of the biggest successes in cities and suburbs this year. Unfortunately, due to its success and scarcity around the world, the price has increased by almost a thousand euros since its release. There is also a Silence S01 Plus model, at 8,200 euros, but the small performance gains hardly justify such a price. We tested the Silence S01 for a few days and we were won over.

highest speed : 100 km/h

Autonomy : 130 km

Rear seat passenger : Yes

highest speed : 120 km/h

The most thermal electric: BWC CE 04

BMW CE04 // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

There is no doubt that the BMW CE 04 is designed to appeal to those who are reluctant to give up the power of their combustion engine to switch to electric. BMW’s know-how allows it to stand out with its quality finishes in a market still dominated by fragile Chinese castings. This 125 equivalent (which is also available with more power, available with a motorcycle license) is a delight in acceleration and responsiveness, and its regenerative braking means it can last more than 100km without a load. Note that the saddle is not very comfortable and the battery is not removable.

Do you want to know more? We spent a week with the BMW CE 04.

Autonomy : 100 km (although the display shows 60)

Full recharge : 1.5 hours in fast charging, 4 hours otherwise

Rear seat passenger : yes, but few handles to hold

Rider 5000: simplicity and style

The Rider 5000 is a monument of simplicity. It is an exclusivity produced by Go2Roues from a mold imported from China – that’s why it looks like the e-presto, almost the same – which uses the codes of Vespa scooters with its body rounded and very comfortable seat. While driving, everything is done so that the driver does not have to think: no mode, only the accelerator lever does the job. It is able to go up to a little more than 90 km/h, and therefore take main roads, but it does not last as long as the Super Soco CPx, with a range of only 60 km, because it does not only one battery (removable) . It weighs 18 kg, which is very heavy to carry. If you have a basement or a ground floor, you can plug it directly into a 220V socket.

highest speed : 90 km/h

Autonomy : 60 km

Full recharge : 6-8 hours

Rear seat passenger : yes, with bars to hold on to

Price : 4,999 euros

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Corresponding : the e-presto electric scooter shares the same qualities as the Rider 5000, except for its motor power, which is only 4,000W instead of 5,000W for the Rider. This makes it possible to sell a few hundred euros cheaper.

Cheapest and slowest: Niu NQI GTS Sport

Niu’s new scooter is officially a 125-equivalent, but it actually tops out at 74 km/h. It inherits the same styling as its predecessor, the NGT, with its large front headlight and a plastic body that looks good to the naked eye. With its new larger tires (14”), the NQi GTS Sport is more comfortable and allows you to hang onto the road better. At 3,599 euros, this electric two-wheeler becomes one of the most accessible on the market – Niu has managed to lower the price by replacing the Panasonic battery with a less qualitative Eve. To get above 50 km/h, it will be necessary for the two batteries in the NQi GTS to be connected at the same time – each weighs 12 kg and requires between 5 and 6 hours for a full charge.

highest speed : 74 km/h

Autonomy : 80 to 100 km

Full recharge : 5 hours

Rear seat passenger : Yes

Price : €3,599

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