Tonneins: Rollover car, driving school, education… feedback on this Safeguard action 47

Place Zoppola, in Tonneins, came to life on Thursday 28 July 2022 with an afternoon dedicated to road safety. An action organized by Safeguard 47, a Lot-et-Garonne association for the protection of people, with the support of the departmental council and the Val de Garonne urban area.

Identify, raise awareness, guide

The purpose was several. Road safety, of course, but above all carry out specialized prevention. Before that, street educators were present to make themselves known to young audiences, between 16 and 21 years old. They were a dozen, to represent Tonneins, Marmande, but also different sectors of Agen.

Resource people whose mission is, in the field, toreach out to youth who may be dropping out of school, without employment or education, to redirect them towards partner organizations such as Pôle emploi.

“We are a bit like general practitioners in specialized prevention. Whether it’s their health, legal or educational needs, we have a wide range of systems and partners to refer them to.”explains Maëva, street educator for a year in the south-east of Agen.

Finally, this road safety day is only one “tool” for Nicolas Ambal, behind this action with Backup 47. “The barrel car with traffic safety, our tents, the driving school, all this is attractive!”. A fun way to interest young people so they can then go to them and establish a first contact. Identifying them makes it possible to assess their needs and then bring them a companion solution.

great success

In front of a booth, a number of young people are waiting, they are impatient. They will be able, while they do not yet have their driving licence, to drive for a moment in a secure car park. A driving school car with automatic transmission is available have them test drive with glasses that reproduce the effect of 0.8g of alcohol (equivalent to 4 glasses). Anne, a driving school teacher, is replaced. ” They have the impression of being on the merry-go-round, they think about something else and finally trust themselves,” she explains.

Guylène Toulayrou, coordinator of the mobility service in Safeguard 47 explains to us: “In a car you are isolated, you are not facing your interlocutor, you are side by side, so you do not look at each other, and then the fact that you are forced to drive without a driving license, inevitably to establish a relationship of trust“. Parameters that unconsciously facilitate the dialogue even if it only takes a few minutes. Enough to start identifying the first elements.

Videos: currently on Actu

“Before we get started, before they put the glasses on, I explain to them the importance of not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugsa classic approach to a driving instructor, but where the response can sometimes be destabilizing. “I had a young man ask me what he should do when his father often drove him drunk”, she says.

A situation that is unfortunately not unusual in the daily life of these social actors. “I am convinced that most people, despite prevention, will drive one day when they are unfortunately not in good condition”, admits Anne. Despite everything, she feels useful and loves doing it, having this privileged contact. Between 14:00 and 18:00 breaks became rare, about forty drivers wanted to try the experience with him.

Prevention at any age

Guylène Toulayrou raises awareness from an early age through games and quizzes (©Clothilde Jupon/ The Republican 47)

A little further on, Guylene hosts a “quiz” stand for children and adults. Nadao, 6 years old, suits up for the game under the watchful eye of his mother, a teacher in Tonneins, and his little brother. Some automatics are already there. He returns to CE1 and already has the reflexes to fasten his seat belt and wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or scooter. Guylène rewards him for his correct answers by offering him a deck of cards and a reading book. For her it is very important to sensitize them from an early age, to repeat them constantly, to have more likely that they will integrate the right reflexes”.

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