The Little Guide to Car Stickers –

Decals are small stickers used for car decoration. They also allow brands to advertise by capturing leads. If you are still hesitating to decide on the use of these stickers, here is everything you need to know on the subject.

Car stickers: solidity must be there!

The decals are generally stickers to be used to decorate and personalize your vehicle. For this, many people usually consider their aesthetic side to make their choice. However, you cannot base your choice on the aesthetic aspect of a sticker alone. It will certainly beautify your car, but there is no guarantee that it will last over time. The ideal is therefore to choose a solid sticker. So what are the criteria for a solid sticker?

Resistance to washing and weathering

To maintain the beautiful bodywork, a car must be washed regularly. For this purpose, it will be in contact with water, detergents and the wash cloth. The sticker that is mounted on the bodywork will then be attacked by all these elements during cleaning. Because of this, it can relax and lose its luster if it is not resistant to water and wear.

To give your sticker a chance to last a long time, we advise you to choose a solid product. It must be waterproof. Since the exterior of a car is permanently exposed to the weather, it will also benefit you to purchase a durable sticker. A poor quality product will not last long in case of rain or in winter. We therefore advise you to find out whether your stickers are waterproof and resistant before any purchase.

Resistance to UV rays

When the stickers are pasted on the car body, they are exposed to direct sunlight, especially in summer. Unfortunately, heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays do not save some stickers. These get cracked and totally lose their charm. To avoid this, ideally invest in products designed to resist UV raysto have a long life: then you can e.g. get some on the Stickers AZ site, which offers a wide selection.

With a well-chosen sticker, you don’t need to take any special precautions when washing your vehicle. Even during the heat wave, your sticker will remain intact.

The manufacturing material

To access the benefits of a car sticker, you must choose the material it is made of. For this purpose, we advise you to choose them made with synthetic materials.

For example, the paper sticker will not be resistant, but you can choose vinyl stickers. You no longer have to deal with items that need to be removed or placed depending on the season. So make a point of honor about the resistance of the material by choosing it. Regarding the type of stickers, contact the specialists to find out more.

Are there classic stickers for luxury cars?

By using the stickers you have the opportunity to highlight the value of your vehicle. There are several varieties of stickers, some of which are dedicated to luxury cars. They are made by professionals and most often represent logos of prestigious brands. For example, you will find stickers with logos from car brands such as:

  • mercedes-benz,
  • maserati,
  • Bentley,
  • Bugatti,
  • Ferrari,
  • Lamborghini etc.

You will find all kinds of stickers to suit your taste. Moreover, manufacturers of this kind of stickers also carry out customized orders. You can therefore order very original, to stand out.

How to put a sticker correctly on a car?

The beauty and resistance of a sticker depends on how it was applied. When it is poorly placed, the effect is totally contrary to the desired one. You can then hire a professional to install it or do it yourself. If you go for the last option, it is important to follow the rules for use and for select installation technique which seems best suited to you.

Dry laying

If you want to stick a sticker on a door or other small surfaces, this is the best technique. You must first clean the space that will hold your sticker with alcohol and a clean cloth. Alcohol allows you to degrease the surface. You must then make sure that the chosen support corresponds perfectly to the dimensions of the sticker, so that there is no overflow.

It should be understood that it is composed of Three lots which you need to know to be able to pose. The first is the adhesive that is on the back and allows it to stick. The second part is a covering paper that helps to maintain the shine and the sticker itself which is the third part. The next step will be to remove the adhesive paper and stick it down, avoiding allowing air to enter. So you can use a rubber scraper to remove bubbles left by the possible passage of air. You can remove the cover paper after waiting 15 minutes.

Put with water

The first step before any installation is the cleaning of the surface that will receive the sticker. Then put some water in a spray bottle, add baby shampoo or liquid soap to it and spray the mixture sufficiently on the cleaned part. Remove the sticker and secure it with a squeegee. This will also push all the bubbles out from the center to the edges until all the water evaporates. This ensures the durability of your sticker. Don’t forget to remove the cover paper and wipe off the watermarks on the car.

As you will have noticed, the rubber scraper is the most important element for a position. This is also why, when purchasing a sticker, you must provide one if it is not delivered at the same time as the sticker, in order to be able to easily mount your decorative element. You will therefore have to use it again to achieve a perfect pose. If you respect the process, you won’t have any problems removing your sticker.

sticker for cars)

How do you remove a sticker from your car?

If applying the sticker looks easy, removing it is a real headache. You will need some tools like cleaning spray, a clean cloth and a razor to do this. You may also need a hair dryer, plastic scraper and microfiber. In any case, the essential products for removing a sticker are generally sold in supermarkets at a lower price.

You can start by using the hair dryer to heat the sticker. The heat will destroy the adhesive effect and start the peeling process. So you can scrape the sticker with the squeegee. Then remove the sticker completely. Use the spray and the microfiber to remove the rest of the glue.

If your sticker is stuck on a window, start by spraying it with the spray. The adhesive will begin to peel off and you can then use the shaver. Insert it under the sticker and carefully peel it off. Be careful not to damage your car’s bodywork.

If you are unable to remove your decal, ask an experienced person for help. You can also turn to a specialist for more efficiency.

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