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The edition 1.19.1 of Minecraft as follows Minecraft 1.19 is now available in your launcher. This version mainly adds a new feature to Allay and implements the ability to report a player via the game chat.

Additions and changes:

Allay dance
Allay who dances
  • That Sculk catalystSculk catalyst
    #ID: minecraft:skulk_catalyst

    that skulk catalyst (“Sculk catalyst“) is a block that emits a mystical soul and blooms when monsters die within an 8-block radius. If a monster dies in the presence of the catalyst, it will not drop its experience, and instead a bubbling load will be created where the creature died. The Monster’s Charge will spread through the veins and blocks of Sculk in random directions until they find a valid substrate that they can convert into Sculk.

    If the load disintegrates 4 blocks from the catalystshe has a chance to grow one carve sensor or one skulk howler.

    now drop 5 XP instead of 20.

  • It is now possible to report a player who sends abusive messages in the in-game chat.
    • The reporter should select the individual chat messages that contain the offending content, along with the report’s category, to give the moderation team the best possible context to take action.
      • Accessible via the Social Interactions screen (keyboard shortcut default is P).
        • The Social Interactions screen can now be accessed via the screen saver during a multiplayer game.
      • Multiple chat messages can be selected for reporting
      • The report category can be selected from a list of chat report categories.
      • Additional comments can be entered to provide more detail and information about the report.
minecraft reporting
ban minecraft
  • Changes have been made to the in-game chat:
    • Moved the chat scroll bar to the right.
    • When writing chat messages, the signing status of displayed chat messages is indicated by a colored indicator.
      • The indicator appears either to the left of the message input field or to the left of the message preview if the message preview is in use.
      • The indicator is green when the displayed message is signed.
      • The indicator is orange when chat preview is enabled and a preview is waiting to be signed.
    • The chat preview background also appears in a slight gradient when a preview is waiting to be signed.
    • Added a warning message when connecting to a server that does not enforce secure chat
    • The player list on the Social Interactions screen now places entries from players who have received recent messages at the top of the list.
    • Messages that are not signed with the system Secure chator that has been tampered with by the server will now be flagged
      • Messages with missing or invalid signatures are marked as “Not secure”.
      • Messages that are registered as changed are marked as “Changed”.
    • The trust status of messages is shown with both a colored indicator and an icon.
      • The colored indicator is always visible
      • The icon is only visible when the chat screen is open.
        • If you hover over the icon, you will get more information about the status of the trust.
    • System messages (non-player chat, like command output) are displayed with a gray indicator.
  • Changes have also been made to the chat preview:
    • Added an “on send” chat preview option to only update chat previews when you try to send a message.
      • To confirm sending a message, press the Enter key once more.
      • The old “ON” setting has been renamed “On Modified”.
    • In “As you type” mode, the chat preview will no longer show previews if the message has not been edited by the server
    • Chat preview is now enabled in single player and appears when using selector override commands such as /say.
    • Preview hover and click events are now highlighted with a solid background.
  • Unsecured chat messages stored on the server are prefixed with a tag [Not Secure].


  • The click event run_command for text components no longer support sending chat messages directly.
    • Only commands are supported. It is therefore necessary to use a command such as /say in place.
    • This means that values ​​must now always be prefixed with ‘/’.

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