Is this the end of new cars under €10,000?

New cars under €10,000 are rare. If you had planned to buy a cheap model, you will have to pass this symbolic bar!

You’ve probably noticed this price increase. From now on, find a car inside €10,000 new turns out to be very complicated.

And with good reason, all manufacturers are forced to do soraise their prices. Bad news for small wallets, it is the budget car sector that has suffered the most!

Why are low-cost manufacturers forced to raise their prices?

If you are renewing your vehicle this year, bad choice! Especially for entry-level models.

In fact, the vehicles were previously shown at prices around €10,000 watch the price increase by several hundred euros.

But why so much increase ? This price increase is due to, among other things lack of microchips within the automotive industry.

For low-cost manufacturers such as Dacia for example, it forces them to buy certain components at full price.

The costs of raw materials are exploding

In addition, the conflict in Ukraine highlights certain tensions in the materials market. The latter are actually increasingly rare, and prices increase mechanically with ever-increasing demand.

Even worse, some materials are largely produced by Russia, while that country has been under a trade embargo for months.

According to the bank JP Morgansince 1 January 2022 the prices are on steel roast by 80% and plastic by 25%!

Dacia, a manufacturer suffering from this crisis!

Among all manufacturers it is Dacia which suffer the most from this increase. The spring case is the most important.

Since January, the electric Dacia has taken 1,200 euros, including 1,000 euros in March/April alone!

For Sandero as well as Duster there is an increase between 300 and 500 euros since the beginning of the year.

Finally, the latest model from Dacia, the jogging no savings were made either. According to its version, it takes an average rise of just from 500 to 1,050 euros.

The low-cost unit of the Renault group even had to justify itself in connection with these price increases, claiming that they were forced and coerced…

The cheapest models on the market

The Hyundai i10 is Korea’s small city car much appreciated for its fresh and youthful design, a “detail” that appeals to buyers. This car is recommended for enthusiasts looking for a small, agile and versatile car. It has also seen its prices rise: it starts from €12,640.

It is an ideal city car; well equipped with a fairly reasonable price, the little Italian has many arguments to make! And especially its price: it starts from €11,190

You can find used Twingos at all prices. But nothing beats a new car! However, the flagship city car has also seen its prices rise. The basic version in “equilibre” finish now starts at €15,750.

This little one Japanese SUV starts from €15,390. Ultra-compact, it is a very agile and easy-to-drive vehicle. The urban environment is his preferred environment. The controlled consumption of Ignis is also its strong point!

The Romanian producer had little choice with sky-high raw material prices. Gone are the days Sandero under the €9,000 mark! Now you have to pay €10,790 for the model with the cheapest finish.

The possibility of staying under €10,000

Here are some ads that could fit small budgets!

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