Bayeux: Gilles Sacksick exhibits at the cultural space Leclerc

Exhibition at Espace culturel Leclerc in Bayeux. ©Jeanne d’Anglejan

If it was at the Château de la Chenevière that Gilles Sacksick exhibited last summer, it is in the cultural space of Leclerc that he chose to install his paintings in 2022. The inauguration took place on July 12 in the presence of the painter and Isabelle Laisney-Latouche, head of cultural spaces.

A “self-taught” painter

Gilles Sacksick in 2020 in Villers-sur-Mer. © DR

Gilles Sacksick grew up in Paris. Very quickly he “falls into painting” and paints the portrait of his mother at the age of four. “I knew very early on that I was a painter,” he says. This evidence was confirmed later, at the age of 12, when he “finally had the right to walk alone in Paris”.

When I was 12, I discovered the Louvre. At that time I was like a communicant of painting.

Gilles Sacksick

This first experience at the Louvre is a baptism. He will return there to observe and learn. Among the painters he admires most are Poussin, Rembrandt, but also Matisse and Picasso. Over the years and throughout his career, Gilles Sacksick explains that he “neither felt particularly encouraged nor particularly discouraged”. A passion that animates him and that has never left him: “I am the same as when I was 12”.

I think about painting all the time. This is where I feel best.

Gilles Sacksick

Norman influence

Normandy, and especially the beaches of Asnelles, had a formative influence on the painter. As a child, Gilles Sacksick spent his summer holidays there, “three months of happiness a year”. For this lover of Normandy, “every return is like a Proust madeleine”. From his studio in Asnelles, he paints many canvases that reflect childhood memories, birds from the beaches of Normandy, bouquets of flowers… For five years, Gilles Sacksick has worked without a model and “fai”.[t] according to memory”.

Eclectic canvases

Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle. ©Jeanne d’Anglejan

In order not to reduce his world to a single technique, Gilles Sacksick likes to try out new techniques. Sometimes painted on wood, sometimes on building materials, sometimes in oil, sometimes with his wax technique… And it is precisely by diversifying his techniques that Gilles Sacksick feels like traveling: “When we go to another country , we don’t speak the same language, but we remain the same person, right? It’s the same with painting. By painting in wax or oil, I’m the same painter, but I’m exploring”.

The painter alternates between traditional and innovative techniques. All this makes the exhibition a compendium of the painter’s various techniques. We see portraits of Duras, Baudelaire or de Gaulle, but also lithographs and still lifes. In his paintings there are also a number of leitmotifs that bring him back to childhood: his grandfather’s coffee machine, for example. Gilles Sacksick “paints without stopping” and offers a prolific production of paintings.

It is my hands, it is my heart, it is my body that speaks when I paint.

Gilles Sacksick

On 12 July for the inauguration, the cellist Benoît Leblond was present. He performed Bach’s Suite No. 1. Thomas Sacksick, actor and son of the painter, also read “The Beautiful Taste of Beautiful Things”, written by Gilles Sacksick. Gilles Sacksick wanted to exhibit at Leclerc for its “technically magnificent space. And they let me organize the exhibition as I wanted”.

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Leclerc’s cultural space. 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., daily except Sunday. Until August 9. FREE ENTRY. More information on 02 31 92 36 04

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