An optional hybrid for SUV enthusiasts

I had the pleasure of testing the Range Rover Velar P400E and I want to share with you my experience as well as the many advantages it has. Hope this will allow you to know more about electric cars. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. I will try others in the next few weeks Tesla Mag.

Introducing the Range Rover Velar P400E, plug-in hybrid

It is quite confusing to discover a hybrid model from the brand known for its luxury SUVs with British charm. Here, the brand offers a very aesthetic SUV model and symbol of the British giant. We were thus able to observe a restyling which will greatly appeal to drivers who want to combine the elegance of a Range with a better CO2 footprint.

Range Rover offers us a 404 hp hybrid model that consists of a 105 kW electric motor and four 2L gasoline cylinders that combine with a converter to power the vehicle’s engine.

The model we tried was black called Santorini Black, with a paint quality that is clearly superior to many models on the market.

Good points

Interior comfort can be felt from the outside. And I think that’s what appeals to the Range Rover. For an SUV, all parameters are present to drive in excellent conditions. The luxury of this Velar is quite discreet thanks to fully integrated handles and more rounded angles.

The Velar is spacious both front and rear and the vehicle has a 3-piece folding rear seat. Boot space is also important, although the battery amputates it a bit with a volume of 503 to 552 L and a useful volume of 1,335 to 1,358 L.

It’s an impressive model that certainly takes up space in the city, but offers a panel of driving aids with a reversing camera, hill start aids and an electronic traction control system.

We also have driving systems worthy of an SUV with four different modes for all types of terrain and weather.

In addition, there is a sliding panoramic roof, which is certainly not insignificant in the summer!

The aesthetics of the car


The car is impressive, but is perfectly manageable and completely silent in electric mode. It has rims that accentuate its elegance while absorbing its weight. The front is slightly reminiscent of the Rolls Royce model, revealing the famous Jaguar logo, and the rear is curved but very stylistic, letting the front dominate the car thanks to its lucky driver!

There are two places to recharge the battery, which you open manually on one side and on the other side for petrol, which you activate from the car.


Stepping into this vehicle, you notice the English touch of the Range Rover with a leather interior and stitching, as well as a quilted effect on the front seats and logo reminiscent of ultra luxury. The panoramic roof hangs over the head and gives us a special view of Paris.

There are plenty of storage spaces and an induction charger as well as USB sockets and a small aesthetic touch that I particularly appreciated: the Velar logo shining in blue at the foot of the driver and passenger doors. There is also aluminum veneer on the top of the doors here and there, which creates a sports car effect as a reminder of the models offered by the brand.

The dashboard

The dashboard is very wide and the steering wheel with three spokes is quite high, which allows better adjustment than on low cars, for the controls we have everything within reach. Thus, from the steering wheel, you can control the driving assistants, the phone and observe the vehicle’s charge level in the cockpit as well as a map of the surrounding streets. The car is extremely well soundproofed, we called and the sound was perfect.

Apple Carplay

At the wheel, the seats are comfortable, and the driving comfort is also linked to the adaptive suspensions, which handle and absorb the various road obstacles effectively. Although this P400e vehicle with its batteries is heavier, it is still incredibly agile. We have an excellent Meridian Hi-Fi system and also a CarPlay thanks to a rather large touch screen, which makes the dashboard easier to use, because the space it occupies leaves only room for the essential buttons, i.e. air conditioning and seat recline.

This touchpad is extremely easy to access and allows us to find the terminals on our way and connect directly to our phone by inserting it into the USB port.


The cables are long enough not to have problems during charging, so we have a cable built into the trunk. It takes 45 minutes to refuel at a fast charging terminal with power delivering 32kW and 2 hours at a small 7.4kW terminal. However, you always want the gas tank for long distances.

The charging cable is located in the double bottom of the luggage compartment, which saves space.


We did not venture among the mountains or the more winding places to test its full power, but in general you can achieve 46 km in full electric as well as a function of a Save mode, which allows you to recharge the battery of your vehicle using of the heat engine.


The model that we have presented to you is available in the market at a price of €77,700

This price can vary depending on which options you choose and it is a good compromise to choose green and still sporty driving in a very spacious and state-of-the-art space.

Our opinion

The Range Rover Velar gets a sporty HST model for 2023 with an exclusive Arroios Gray paint option and unique 21-inch black wheels. The HST model will sit at the top of the Velar trim scale and will only be offered with the 395 horsepower version of the turbocharged and supercharged inline-six engine. An adjustable air suspension and adaptive damping system are also standard.

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