A digger on fire, €750 stolen from the distributor, a car in the power pole… Various facts from Nièvre in brief

A woman was withdrawing money from the Crédit Agricole du Banlay in Nevers when two people took the entire amount from her on Wednesday morning, July 27. In total, they walked away with €750.

Vegetation on fire in Nevers

The police and firefighters were called on Wednesday 27 July at around 16:30 to a fire at the back of a residence, rue des Tailles, in Nevers. Emergency services quickly brought the fire under control. A total of 8 m² of vegetation burned.

The car hits the pole in Alligny-en-Morvan

A traffic accident caused two minor injuries, out of the three in the car, in Alligny-en-Morvan, on Thursday, July 28, at around 4:30 p.m. The vehicle hit an electric pole, rue des Quatre-Vents. No household had a power outage and EDF quickly intervened on the scene to repair the damage, and in particular to restore electrical cables that had fallen on the road. Traffic was diverted during the intervention.

In Clamecy, he finds the thief and the parts of his motorcycle on the Internet

A backhoe burns in Nevers

A very early resident saw on Wednesday, July 27 at about 03.50 that there was smoke coming from the left track of an excavator which was on the Place Mossé in Nevers. When he approached, he saw sparks and therefore immediately contacted the fire department. When they arrived, the machine was fully engulfed in flames, but fortunately the fire was quickly brought under control. The damage may be caused by a short circuit.

Cannabis in the Neversois skate park

On Tuesday 26 July, the Nevers police carried out a control operation in the Nevers skate park. As soon as they introduced themselves, two people spontaneously gave them 3.17 g to one and 1.55 g to the other of cannabis resin. They have been verbalized.

The truck’s handbrake fails in the main street of Châtillon-en-Bazois

Like a pinball, a heavy truck whose handbrake was released in the main street of Châtillon-en-Bazois hit the shop signs on both sides of the street on Wednesday, July 27. While parked in front of the bakery, he particularly hit a supermarket sign.

Fuel stolen from Decize

40 L of fuel was siphoned from a truck on the night of Thursday 28 July to Friday 29 July after the tank cap was forced open.

A motorcycle loses control in Saint-Saulge

The pilot of a motorbike lost control of his two-wheeled engine in a bend on Thursday 28 July in Saint-Saulge. He hit a pavement and suffered an arm injury. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance personnel.

Calves on tour in Forges

Three calves were reported on the road, in Forges, on the D978 on Friday 29 July towards Château-Chinon.

Marie Lemaitre

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