9 things to check before hitting the road

Are you going on holiday soon? Remember to check your vehicle before departure. The 9 tips from Limvirak Chea, co-founder of Fixter, an application that simplifies the life of motorists.

Have your car checked at the garage

“A few weeks before departure, it is essential to have your vehicle serviced or inspected“, advises Limvirak Chea. You want to be sure that your car will be reliable on the way to vacation! “But if you don’t have time, there are basic checks that you can do yourself.” Here they are. .

Check the condition of your tires

Tires in good condition ensure safe driving. Before you leave, take a closer look at your tires to see if there is an anomaly (bumps, seams, flat tires, etc.). Remember also to control the pressure: “You must always drive with the correct tire pressure. In the current context, where fuel prices are rising, this also allows to optimize your consumption.

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Be well prepared in case of a puncture

have on board your vehicle all the necessary equipment in case of a puncture. “You need one wheel change kit or wheel repair kit (which makes it possible to repair a tire in the event of a puncture, but does not replace a wheel change). All wheels have security, so you also need a socket for the anti-theft nuts. Put it in your glove box.”

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Check the oil level…

In order for your vehicle to function properly, it is wise to check the condition of your engine oil. “Look at your dashboard to know if you have an alarm. You can also Check your engine oil level with the dipstick“. If the level is low, add more.

…but also coolant and washer fluid!

We don’t think about it as often because we don’t change it as often as engine oil, but the coolant must also be checked! It is very important for the safety of the car. It is recommended that change every 2 to 4 years. “The coolant must be checked in the garagesays Limvirak Chea.

that Sprinkler fluid matters too! “If your windshield gets dirty on the road, you can quickly clean it.” Remember to fill the tank before departure.

Examine your car’s lights and headlights

Important to be seen and look well on the roaddone control your light for safe driving “Check that your vehicle’s turn signals and front and rear lights are working correctly”, advises our expert.

Has functional air conditioning to travel cool

“The journey may be long, do it check the operation of your air conditioning system to prevent it from getting too hot in the cabin”.

Essential safety features to have on board your car

To guarantee a carefree trip, Limvirak Chea advises you to have on board your vehicle: “A first aid kitof jumper cables to the battery in case of failure and a car fire extinguisher. They can be of great use to you. Always remember to have the mandatory safety elements in your car in France: the yellow vest and the road sign“.

Control the range of your electric car

Electric car users, consider range of your vehicle. The trip can be long and it would be a shame to break up. “It is important to know the range of your electric vehicle especially when you do a long drive for the first time. Don’t forget your charging cables”. Limvirak Chea also recommends identify charging stations upstream so you know where to leave your car.

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