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Buying a laptop is an investment, and it’s probably something you use on a daily basis, whether you’re at work or in your free time. However, after 3 to 4 years of use, it is likely that your laptop will show the first signs of weakness. To improve its lifespan and keep a laptop running as long as possible, there are some tips you can apply right now.

Heat is the first enemy of laptops, overheating can cause a lot of damage and reduce the life of the various components. The computer generates heat in case of high user demand, e.g. when using certain programs or applications. The temperature of the computer also rises in case of poor air circulation, due to failure of the fans or dirt that can prevent their correct operation. Buying a cooling pad can help prevent your computer from overheating.

Although this advice may seem surprising to you, it is actually advisable to leave your laptop powered on between your various uses. If you use your laptop regularly during the day, keep it on during your breaks and only turn it off at the end of the day. Turning on the computer puts stress on the device, which can affect its performance as well as its lifespan.

One of the essential points to keep your laptop in good condition for as long as possible is to set up regular cleaning of your device. As you have probably understood, dust and other debris can cause your computer to overheat, so it is necessary to regularly remove dirt from your device with compressed air. Also remember to remove all traces of dust from the outside of your computer, to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible.

In order to use your computer as long as possible, it is better to keep your operating system up to date by performing the latest updates available to you without delay. These updates fix the latest versions of software and improve computer performance by developing new features while correcting previous security vulnerabilities. Remember to regularly check that your computer is up to date and take the necessary steps if necessary.

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While lack of maintenance and misuse can affect the life of your laptop in the long run, there is one factor that can suddenly diminish your device’s capabilities or even render it unusable: malware. Once introduced to your computer, this software may allow hackers to retrieve sensitive information about you, although it may also intend to affect your computer’s performance.

To protect yourself from such software and its effects on your devices, it is best to follow the most important cybersecurity guidelines by choosing a VPN with effective antivirus protection to protect your computer. You can also choose to use a password manager, a handy tool to keep all your passwords in memory, an extra barrier to protect you from data theft.

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