Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra benefits from an absolutely irresistible offer (-€360)

If you’ve been waiting for a significant price drop to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, your patience has just been rewarded. Currently, the ultra-advanced smartphone from the South Korean giant is available for 899 euros instead of 1,259 euros at Fnac, Darty and Boulanger.

S Pen from S22 Ultra. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

Folding smartphones aside, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is currently Samsung’s best. It’s beautiful, powerful, good at photography, has one of the best screens on the market, charges faster than before and even includes a stylus. An excellent ally for productivity, which today sees its price drop by more than 350 euros thanks to this offer.

The basics of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • 6.8-inch AMOLED screen (QHD and 120 Hz)
  • Improved fast charging: 45W
  • Still excellent camera
  • The high power of the Exynos 2100

Instead of 1,259 euros at launch, but now shown at a barrier price of 1,199 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 128 GB storage is now on sale for 1,149 euros at Fnac, Darty and Boulanger. However, if you take into account the takeover offer of 100 euros and ODR of 150 euros valid until 31 August, this ultra premium smartphone costs you only 899 euros at the various e-tailers.

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, take a look below to find other promotions for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The table is updated automatically.

Even more “stylus” than before

The design of the S21 Ultra was classy and neat, but this successor simply perfects the recipe of the previous model. In fact, we can only applaud a level of finish, overall comfort and flawless solidity. And the fact that the photo module is now built into the hull really adds an even more sober and elegant appearance than before. In addition, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra now includes an S Pen to replace the Note series, where the predecessor was only compatible. The good news is that it’s done smartly, unlike on the Z Fold 3, as the smartphone offers a port to store the stylus directly. The latter has great responsiveness, with even slight haptic feedback as a bonus when it touches the screen.

The Samsung panel is obviously of excellent quality. Nothing is missing, especially with a brightness at the top, a colorimetric coverage to die for and a calibration close to perfection. Besides that, it should still be noted that the diagonal extends up to 6.8 inches, the maximum definition is 3080 x 1440 pixels and the refresh rate is adaptive from 10 to 120 Hz. It’s true that we encountered some screen glitches during our testing, but be aware that an update has since fixed the issue.

It’s a great camera

Samsung has never disappointed on the photography side, so the S22 Ultra is of course very good in this area. It may not be as accurate as an iPhone when it comes to faithfully capturing reality, but it blows away all the competition when it comes to judging a phone’s versatility in images thanks to its many sensors. The 108 megapixel sensor is still as effective in many situations, the optical X3 and X10 zooms are very clean and the few software additions (improved night mode, stability, etc.) further reinforce the overly positive overall impression. We certainly would have appreciated a bigger gap between this latest smartphone and the S21 Ultra, but we’re not going to argue when it comes to excellence.

Finally fast charging at Samsung

Power, the Galaxy S22 Ultra clearly has it under the hood with its Exynos 2100 chip and 8GB of RAM. It therefore easily meets all the needs you might have for a phone in 2022, such as enjoying an updated software interface without slowdowns, whether you’re surfing the web, playing a video in high definition, even if several applications are running in the background. However, it must be admitted that on the video game part, the South Korean premium smartphone is a little behind Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, with poor thermal management.

However, what we appreciate is the improvement of the fast charging system which goes from 25 to 45 W, which allows you to go from 0 to 100% in 1 hour. It’s obviously not on par with the current competition, but the improvement should be noted. The 5000 mAh battery will last you a day, but no more.

To find out even more, don’t hesitate to read our complete test of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

7 /10

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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