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You don’t have to love opera to wear a Rolex, although the brand’s universe – tennis, golf, horse riding, sailing, cinema, classical music… – rhymes more with high-end. Rolexes also pair beautifully with tattoos, gold teeth and hard-hitting rap lyrics. To acquire this symbol of excellence and social status, fashionable young people are ready to pay handsome sums.

A watch is “an object that marks a certain style, according to 6 out of 10 young people. 53%” reveals a survey conducted in the spring of 2022 at the request of the EPHJ show by MIS Trends. Another figure which is enough to make watchmakers salivate: 14% of young people (16 to 25 years old) imagine investing in an advanced watch in the next two years for more than NOK 5,000. But the competition is fierce: Rolex is already by far their preferred watch brand, with an overwhelming 55% (compared to 35% in the previous poll in 2016). Furthermore, 16% of young people who own a watch have a Rolex.


On Tik Tok, the social network for the youngest, Rolex Love is downright fantastic. The hashtag #rolex will get 3.1 billion views in 2022 (compared to 375.2 million in 2020). Two years ago, for example, rappers Ayo and Teo rapped about their love for bling, Rolex, and what the brand means to them: luxury and a symbol of success, especially encrusted with diamonds, if any. Words chosen on the basis of the #rollexchallenge, a choreography that tiktokers are invited to perform in turns: “I just want a Rollie, Rollie, Rollie with a dollop of ranch (…) I just want some ice cream on my wrist, so I look better when I dance” Either: “I just want a Rollie, Rollie, Rollie, full of diamonds, (…) I just want diamonds on my wrist to look more stylish when I dance “

Because if young people love Rolex so much, it’s because rap culture has been there. The look and flow of rappers like to highlight their success, often regarding disadvantaged origins. But yes, they also have access to the most beautiful objects, and fuck the bourgeois! Gold teeth and jewelry, shiny cars and, of course, luxury watches. Result: now a Rolex is no longer necessarily worn with carefully polished shoes, but also with the latest trendy sneakers among teenagers.

Rolex: a real investment

German rapper Montanablack didn’t hesitate to get the Rolex logo tattooed on his cheekbone. In a video shot with dealer Marc Gebauer, the two confront their personal watch collections as well as Montanablack’s Game Boy Pokemon collection. Will they both be able to guess the price of different items by their rarity? As well as the realized added value – a decisive element in this race for these objects?

Because it is also about this: The brand is identified by young people as a good investment. Laurenz, 28, agrees: “I chose to buy a Rolex because it is never a waste of money – even if it has been used before. It’s not like a car whose value decreases.” Like 20-year-old Elias: “I have absolutely no intention of reselling my Datejust. But it’s reassuring to see that its resale price is higher than in the store.

Statements: a Rolex Datejust at 19…

Elias talks about his purchase: “I got interested in Rolexes when I saw soccer players as well as famous Youtubers – I watched a lot of Marc Gebauer videos – wearing them. I’m also lucky enough to earn a little more money than people my age through activities on Spotify. Amazing coincidences allowed me to buy a Datejust a few days before my twentieth birthday. I was an au pair in a Swiss family at the time, and my father and mother worked in the watch business. They encouraged me to go to the store, which otherwise I wouldn’t have dared to. L’Emeraude in Lausanne had the Datejust I wanted available immediately! What a surprise and what a gift for my twenties when I expected to be on a waiting list for several years. Now I’m considering buy Pepsi.”

Elias at The Emerald © Yannick Nardin/WorldTempus

and a vintage Datejust at 27!

“I have dreamed of a nice watch since I was 17 – influenced by my mother and uncle, who own several. I saved and hesitated for a long time: should I invest such a sum in a watch, or should I put it aside? Last year, at the age of 27, I finally bought a Datejust on Chronext, for 7000 euros. It was produced the year I was born, which further increases its value to me,” Laurenz explains.

But at the end of the day, are these young people wearing these luxury watches? “I work in a sports shop, and I don’t wear it in that context. It could be frowned upon for a seller to carry such a luxurious item. Lorenz says. On the other hand, Elias likes to wear it. If he remains discreet and, for example, has not shared a photo on his social networks, he admits that word of mouth does things well: most of his friends know that he bought a watch for several thousand euros and are fascinated by it. Very interested in buying Elias, his two brothers – aged 20 and 34 – are also considering buying Rolexes.

Why young people buy Rolexes…

Laurenz and his Datejust © Yannick Nardin/WorldTempus

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