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Pools of Ruby Essence is a 5 player Dungeon in Dragonflight. It is located in the Shores of Awakening, one of the areas of the Dragon Islands. This is a very short instance with three meetings. You start with Melidrussa Manteglace and then continue with Kokia Foulebraise. Eventually you will meet Erkhart Stormvein and his mount Kyrakka. Find our Ruby Essence Pools guide below.

The occurrence is very short. Count less than 20 minutes the first time you do it, if no rag comes along to delay the deadline. You have trash at the beginning, before the first boss, then you have to kill other mobs to unlock Kokia Emberstorm. Once the latter is defeated, you can immediately start the final encounter without any debris getting in your way.

The monsters in the Ruby Essence Pools are interesting, including trolls who, just before they die, become invincible and throw fireballs all over the place. We will also note the existence of enemies who regularly push players back, while others use AoE very frequently, which requires them to move often and therefore use abilities whose casting time is quite short, under penalty of not casting many spells during battle.

1. Melidrussa Icemantle

The first boss in Pools is a Frost Magician. She has many skills which she connects quickly. Combat is fast and you often have to move to avoid getting in the middle of an area effect spell.

What you should know is that almost all of Melidrussa’s spells apply debuff Primal Thrill. While under the spell’s effect, your movement speed is reduced by 3%. Be careful, the effect stacks up to 10 times. At 10 stacks, your character is frozen for 3 seconds and takes a fair amount of damage every second while frozen. You must therefore avoid getting there, and the healers must be aware of players who would fall into the trap.

Let’s review the elf’s abilities:

  • cold storm : A large AoE that is systematically launched at a player’s location. It draws nearby players to its center. If you are in the area, you take damage every second. After 8 seconds, the storm explodes, dealing damage to the entire party. During the explosion you will see lots of areas of effect on the ground. Shards of ice will appear. Don’t touch them or you will receive stacks of Primal Chill.
  • Ice bolt : A cone-shaped attack that deals damage in front of the boss and inflicts 5 stacks of Primal Chill.
  • icy shards : A single target frost attack that does a lot of damage.
  • Frost overload : A spell that the boss channels for 8 seconds. During this time, players take damage and gain a charge of Primal Chill every 2 seconds. The spell must be broken as soon as possible.
  • Puppy awakening : The spell will be cast at least twice during the match. Melidrussa summons several adds that can damage players and apply stacks of Primal Chill. You need to group them together and DPS them quickly to avoid ending up with two waves of adds too close together.

It’s a pretty fun fight, but not very difficult in normal mode where the boss has low hit points.

2. Kokia Emberstorm

Once the first boss is eliminated, get on a drake and fly to the upper platform. You will come face to face with Kokia Foulebraise, the second boss. However, this one is impossible to attack. You have to walk around the area, killing all the trash, to wake her up and be able to confront her.

As soon as Kokia is aggressive, go to it and start the fight. The boss switches the spells that hit the tank and the players in the group and will not fail to summon adds to give him a hand.

When the boss reaches 100 energy, which happens at the start of the fight, he will cast Fire binding ritual. He will then target a location and launch an AoE that will deal damage to all nearby players. Right in the middle of the AoE, an add appears, Blaze Storm. He is a fire elemental who can cast Roaring Inferno, a direct attack spell. It’s not bad, just make sure you DPS the beast. On the other hand, watch out for the moment when he will die. The element will die in a giant explosion that will damage all players within a 20 meter radius.

For the rest, Kokia is not very difficult to control because the other skills are quite limited:

  • Burning blow : A direct attack that deals damage and applies a DoT for 4 seconds. Hello the tank.
  • molten rock : Kokia throws a flaming rock in front of her that damages all players in its path. The rock is fast, make sure you move as soon as the boss casts the spell because in addition to damage you will be knocked back and stunned for 3 sec. The rock rolls for 40m and then explodes.

3. Erkhart Lightningvein and Kyrakka

Here is the final boss of the dungeon. The encounter begins with Erkhart on the ground attacking the players and Kyrakka attacking the party from the sky. When one of the two is at 50% health, Erkhart climbs the mountain until the end of the match.

It is important to fully understand the skills of the two managers:

Erkhart :

  • Zephyr : An AoE that hits all players and is impossible to dodge. It doesn’t really hurt, so don’t panic.
  • Storm Strike : The attack most often targets the tank. It is a BIG strike that combines physical damage and natural damage. It also places a debuff that increases damage taken by 25% for 30 sec. The effect is stackable, meaning you ABSOLUTELY get Erkhart down to 50% HP as quickly as possible.
  • Winds of change : A storm that deals damage for 4 sec. and attract players.

Kyrakka :

  • Spit of flames : The boss places flames everywhere in the battle zone. You must move quickly to avoid taking damage. Players who are hit receive Inner Blaze.
  • Roaring Fire Breath : A cone-shaped AoE in front of the boss. Players who are hit receive Inner Blaze.
  • Internal braziers : This is a debuff that affects players targeted by the boss’s other spells. It applies a DoT that deals damage to affected players. DoT starts when players have 2 charges of Inner Blaze. In addition to taking damage, affected players explode every second, dealing damage around them. To top it off, players drop an AoE that eventually explodes, leaving the ground burning for 25 sec.

The 3rd encounter can quickly become an unnamed mess, with two bosses dealing with AoEs all over the place. We need to focus on Erkhart to force him to mount Kyrakka. When taking down the first boss, avoid Kyrakka’s spells as much as possible. Once the two bosses become one, they will both cast spells, but it will be easier to control.

If it develops like this, it’s generally a bad cross 😀

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