MEPU-A: actual presence in Conakry of the 714 telephones and 3 electronic watches seized during the national investigations.

During the MEPU-A cabinet meeting held on 25 July under the chairmanship of Minister Guillaume HAWING, several points were raised, in particular the actual presence in Conakry of the 714 phones and the 3 electronic watches seized from candidates during the implementation of national exams.

These instruments of fraud will be forwarded to the prosecutor as recommended by the general rules of the investigations.

On the second item on the agenda, the council discussed the emergency measures to be taken by the MEPU-A after the proclamation of the results. Among these measures: the training of teachers and the renovation, expansion or construction of schools.

To date, training sessions have already been scheduled. They will be officially launched on Thursday, July 28, 2022 throughout the national territory. This first phase of the training only concerns CM2 teachers, in other words 6th year classes. It will be held in the regional capitals of the country. Supervision teams are already on their way to follow the correct development of these trainings. As for Minister HAWING, he reassured the Cabinet of all the efforts he intends to make with the High Authority to extend these trainings throughout the holiday period and even beyond.

Other topics that were discussed during this council, the declarations of service activities. On this point, the minister of pre-university has asked all the services concerned to submit their terms of reference as soon as possible to facilitate the provision of funds for their execution.

Unicef ​​and the heads of the department responsible for kindergartens also agreed on the proposals to define the preschool policy. Three months are reached by consensus, over which the planned activities will extend.

On the issue of restructuring the department’s central and decentralized services, the council noted that the organic framework of the various structures is no longer respected, particularly those relating to the workforce. To date, more than 360 leaders are floating in the various structures while they could have been used in the classrooms.

Minister Guillaume HAWING remains categorical about the decanting of the school administration workforce and the redistribution of the surplus, which will have only 2 choices to make: accept to go to classes or be handed over to the public service. According to the minister, these measures are not up for discussion. They start at central level and will extend to the School Directorate. This could give the department the opportunity to initially deal with the obvious need for teachers in the schools.

These efforts will mean that the Minister of Pre-University, will be supplemented by the number of teachers made available to MEPU-A after their recruitment by the public service.

Evaluation in the middle grades was also discussed.

The council has maintained that, as much as the national tests, from now on rigor, fairness and seriousness must characterize the evaluations in the middle classes. The General Inspectorate of Education IGE has been called upon to take all measures to ensure that these decisions are respected both in public and private schools from the next school year and throughout the national territory.

The introduction of English in the primary school, the lifting of the list of teachers who must hold exam classes from the beginning of the year, the various meetings between the minister and the partners, especially trade unions, FEGUIPAE, former ministers, founders of schools, obtaining visas to 5 laureates and 2 supervisors from SENAMSCO for the USA and the renaming of Collège 2 Donka, now Collège Guillaume HAWING, were other themes that were developed extensively during Monday’s board.

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Kadiatou Barry for 224infos

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