Interview with the co-founder of Delta Business School

When and how was the idea of ​​Delta Business School born?

Thibault Savary

In mid-2021, my staff and I all stayed together founding or leading positions in our companies respectively, and we each made the same observation: the companies, and even more start-up companies because of their recent existence, must be increasingly reactive to exogenous events that disrupt their activity – Covid is the best example to date – They need to be able to reorganize quickly, even to turn in their Business model continue to be competitive.

Of course, a company’s ability to reorganize effectively depends on its top managementwho bears the final responsibility, but also for profile for all employees present: more than ever, organizations need profiles with a entrepreneurial spiritable to dialogue and understand the challenges in all functions of the company, to get out of routine problems as quickly as necessary, and eager to decode the unknown.

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We are convinced that these profiles that we can qualify asintrapreneurswill, if this is not already the case, form the heart of the recruitment target for the companies in the coming years.

But these intrapreneurs, when found, very often have 5 or even 10 years of work experience due to no training in the market prepares young students for this entrepreneurial spirit.

Ourselves from the paths Great schools of trade and engineering, we know their limits and areas for improvement. For us isentrepreneurship should no longer be analyzed as one possible specialization among others, reserved for those who wish to forge their own path. Above all, it is a fundamental skill that skilfully combines soft skills and management sciences, which will eventually become the most important raw material for companies.

This is where the idea of ​​Delta Business School was born, to create training to reveal everyone’s entrepreneurial potential.

What is the concept of the school? What is its goal?

Measured with Delta Business School is to offer one learning path (gradually Bachelor and Master) form profiles of evolutionary leadersdrivers behind the transformation of companies and their professions, from the moment they obtained the baccalaureate, by placing its educational program at the crossroads between Business, Digital and Soft Skills. Based on the 4 pillars mentioned above, Delta’s pedagogy offers our students a 360° vision of the company and an exhaustive understanding of the issues.

How will the course be in 5 years?

In year 1 – The contractor is His organization’s Swiss army knife. He can be finance, technical, marketing and commercial director at the same time. The goal of this first year is to acquire the 360° business fundamentals necessary for the design phase of the company, while starting to train your entrepreneurial know-how.
This year thus provides an overview of all the company’s functions (both Marketing and Finance) with a particular focus on the professions around design and rollout of the Product.

In year 2 – It’s about immersing yourself more in the shoes of a start-up manager by becoming familiar with the skills needed to grow your business and by perfect their ability to convince, inspire and pitch through soft skills support.
This year strengthens the assimilation of the skills necessary to acquire and retain customers, regardless of the sales channel.

In year 3 – An entrepreneur’s life consists of successes, but also of failures! The final year aims to work on its areas of improvement and deepen the managerial skills necessary to sustain the company’s performance over time.
You will thus learn all the skills necessary to perform a function as a team leader, while deepening your legal and financial expertise in the company.

In years 4 and 5 – The student will be able to choose to perfect his ability to exploit disturbances via Master’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation or specialize in the exchange in the digital professions that are covered during the bachelor’s course.

Will work-study be possible during the course?

Professional situations will take place in several forms at Delta Business School:

  1. In the walls, through Business challenges : Our partner companies will put our students’ complex problem-solving skills to the test by sharing real problemsand evaluate their analytical work and their recommendations business during work restitution juries;
    In addition, the professors and lecturers are leaders from the world of start-ups or large companies, who share the theory but above all the practice of their professions, which are in constant development.
  2. At a compulsory internship in a company in the third year of the Bachelor ;
  3. With the help ofWork study program available from graduate level.

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